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Another hidden gem for bibliophiles: Bryn Mawr Bookstore

The Bryn Mawr Bookstore in Cambridge received a glowing write-up in the Boston Globe over the Easter weekend.

The problem with a secret is that once you tell it, it isn’t one anymore. The Bryn Mawr Book Store in Cambridge is under the radar, and I like it that way. It’s quiet, it’s small, it has a gazillion books, its prices are low, and it doesn’t have that picked-clean feeling you sometimes sense in a used bookstore, as if all the good finds have already been found. There. I’ve told you.

The shop’s entire stock is donated and all proceeds go to providing scholarships for prospective Bryn Mawr College students. They are listing more than 4,800 books on AbeBooks, including some interesting rare books. There is a signed first edition of DNA: The Secret of Life by pioneering scientist James D Watson, a signed first of In the American West 1979-1984 by photographer Richard Avedon and a signed first edition of Love Medicine by novelist Louise Erdrich.

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