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Pelican Books: The Flock Flies Again

Pelican Books

Created by Penguin Books, the Pelican Books imprint began in May of 1937, just two years after Penguin was founded.  Like Penguin, Pelican Books was born to fill a hole – in this case, affordable educational texts. The first title to boast the Pelican logo was The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism & Fascism by George Bernard Shaw. It was the first of thousands of Pelican titles to be published over the imprint’s 50 year lifespan. In the late 80s, Penguin discontinued Pelican Books after a slow decline in non-fiction sales.

Now, almost 30 years later, Pelican Books are spreading their wings for a second time. Today five new titles will adorn Pelican’s trademark blue cover. Unlike many of their predecessors, each new title has been originally commissioned.

Best known for his book How Many Friends Does One Person Need?, evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar discusses what makes us human in Human Evolution.

Economics: A User’s Guide is Ha-Joon Chang’s myth-busting introduction written for the general reader.

Scholar Melissa Lane talks history and politics in Greek and Roman Political Ideas.

Orlando Figes serves up a timely history lesson in Revolutionary Russia, 1891-1991.

The Domesticated Brain by award-winning psychlogist Bruce Hood explains the mysteries of the human brain.

For more on vintage Pelican, check out Pelican Books: A Flock of Non-Fiction on AbeBooks.

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