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“in Wonderland” – a library of book titles inspired by Lewis Carroll

A signed copy of P.G. Wodehouse’s Barmy in Wonderland has sold for $1,267 (around £750) on AbeBooks.com. The book is a first edition published in April 1952 and has been signed by the author to his bibliographer, David Jasen, “To David, from Plum, P. G. Wodehouse”.  The novel was published as Angel Cake in the US a month after the UK edition.

The main character of Barmy in Wonderland is Cyril ‘Barmy’ Fotheringay-Phipps, who makes appearances in several Jeeves stories, and the book details his misadventures in the world of theatre. Wodehouse adapted Barmy in Wonderland from a play, The Butter and Egg Man, by George S. Kaufman.

Although I scan our most expensive sales on a daily basis, this one jumped out because of the book’s title. I wondered how many books have the words ‘in Wonderland‘ in their title? The answer is many – Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has inspired countless books. Clearly, Alice is not alone in visiting Wonderland. Here is a brief selection of ‘in Wonderland’ titles (although I have decided not to list “in Wonderland” erotica).

Shadows in Wonderland: A Hospital Odyssey by Colin Ludlow

Ali in Wonderland by Ali Wentworth

Adventures in Wonderland: A Decade of Club Culture by Sheryl Garratt

Lights Out in Wonderland by DBC Pierre

Pinocchio’s Adventures in Wonderland by Collodi

Cubby in Wonderland by Frances Joyce Farnsworth

Albert in Wonderland by Mary Agnes Connelly Ryan

Harris in Wonderland by Philip Reid

Yankees in Wonderland by Frank Woodford

An Outlaw in Wonderland by Lori Austin

Mr Tompkins in Wonderland by George Gamow

The Engineer in Wonderland : The 1966-67 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures by E.R. Laithwaite

Elvis in Wonderland by Bob Jope

Frankie in Wonderland: With Apologies to Lewis Carroll, the Originator and Pre-Historian of the New Deal by A. Tory

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