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AbeBooks’ Literary Review of 2016


We know, we know – the less said about the year 2016 the better. While we too held our collective breath and cringed painfully through much of the year, it is worth noting that whether for better or (much, much) worse, the most remarkable years in history stay with us and go on to be remembered and talked about for the (brighter) years to come.

And part of that legacy must of course be commemorated with the books the year gave us. This year’s cream of the crop included Bob Dylan, James Brown and Bruce Springsteen, stories of the people of Vietnam, Cameroon and China, new titles from heavy hitters like Zadie Smith, Michael Chabon and Ann Patchett, and explorations of physics, genetics, poverty and more. Happily, the year that made us most want to bury our heads in a book also gave us a wonderful, brilliant selection to choose from. Please enjoy our literary review of 2016.

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