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While reading the paper this weekend I saw an article about a local couple, Pat and Rosemarie Keough of Saltspring Island, who produced a wonderful limited edition book of photographs called Antartica Limited to 950 copies, the large coffee table sized book features “the most stunning and diverse portfolios ever assembled about this great white […]

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Second Life for Used Books

Lately, I’ve become more concerned about being ecofriendly.  Not that this issue didn’t concern me before,  but I’m delving more into ways to “reduce, reuse and recycle”.   During one of my random internet searches, came across this interesting site for a design company that focuses on environmental and social goals and they had a great use for […]

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Harry goes green (and we’re not talking about greenbacks for once)

Scholastic is going green with its record-breaking 12 million-book print run of Harry Potter 7, according to AP. By using recycled paper, Scholastic is following the example of Raincoast in Canada who published Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on recycled paper in 2005.

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Easy Being Green

With the recent declaration of “Carbon Neutral” as the Oxford Word of the Year, Exxon admitting climate change is real, the British Columbia government announcing a reasonably aggressive plan to address climate change, and the unexpected popularity (success) of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth it would seem that the time for ‘green’ has come. So […]

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Like death and taxes, it seems the cubicle is an inevitability of life. For anyone who has spent any time working in an office environment, they have come up against this dreaded cube. It has been mocked in movies, books and Dilbert comics, and there are even action figures based on the cubicle world. The […]

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