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Nine (Books of Short) Stories

Top Nine Short Story Collections I Love: Life After God by Douglas Coupland For anyone who has ever felt lost, felt too old to be feeling lost, felt too self-conscious and ridiculous to be feeling too old to feel lost, this book is for you. Full of vivid depictions of British Columbia, from the green […]

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Bookman’s Christmas carol

A very literary Christmas carol, and this time it has nothing to do with Dickens Merry Christmas!

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Christmas cards from the rich and famous

On a day where there is only more news about lay-offs in the publishing industry, I spotted this article in The Guardian about Tony Blair’s official Christmas card. It’s a pretty rubbish article but reminded me about the large number of Christmas cards from famous people that can be found on AbeBooks. Here are some […]

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Cherished Christmas Presents?

When I was young I was like most small children around Christmas time, constantly snooping around the house to see if I could stumble upon what my parents might be getting me for Christmas…. Either I was rubbish at finding things (only children are never any good at hide and seek) or my parents were […]

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David Baddiel on christmas shopping

If you read this blog, or our website, with any regularity you will have found at least one instance where we mention the possibility that just maybe someone you know might, perhaps, enjoy a book should you decide to get them something around the holidays. This is something we tend to believe around here. To […]

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Nostalgic Christmas Stories

According to the Associated Press, it’s not just me feeling extra humbug this winter. Tough times all around are sending people in search of familiar warm-fuzzies to beat the blues and blahs. And what better way to get in the holiday spirit than by revisiting some of the stories about the holidays that made us […]

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Authors at Christmas

Yesterday’s Observer had three authors talking about their Christmases. Lionel Shriver clearly loves her pies…. I bake splendid pies. Lest that sound boastful, the sole reason I bake splendid pies is that my mother bakes splendid pies. I do not mean, either, those thin, photogenic European creations called tarts. Thick, deep-dish, homey and rumpled, proper […]

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For Christmas….Hammer of the Gods

Today’s recommendation for Christmas is a gift for Daddy….(assuming he was a rocker in the 1970s and a lot of them were – they just don’t talk about that part of their lives anymore) is Hammer of the Gods: The Led Zeppelin Saga by Stephen Davis. Check out the signed copy signed by Robert Plant. […]

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