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Robert Burns – 250th Anniversary Stamps

The Telegraph reports that Scottish bard, Robert Burns will become the first non-Royal to be celebrated with three collections of stamps when this week’s new edition is released. Burns will outdo Winston Churchill (honored with 2 special editions of stamps)  and Shakespeare and Charles Dickens who have only had one edition each. The first class […]

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Martin Luther King Jr In Books

One of the things I love about working here at AbeBooks is the discoveries I make. Pretty much any topic, event, or notable name triggers an “I wonder if we have a book…” response. With today being Martin Luther King day in the United States, I was prompted to see what collectible books by King […]

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Nine (Books of Short) Stories

Top Nine Short Story Collections I Love: Life After God by Douglas Coupland For anyone who has ever felt lost, felt too old to be feeling lost, felt too self-conscious and ridiculous to be feeling too old to feel lost, this book is for you. Full of vivid depictions of British Columbia, from the green […]

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Bookman’s Christmas carol

A very literary Christmas carol, and this time it has nothing to do with Dickens Merry Christmas!

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Christmas cards from the rich and famous

On a day where there is only more news about lay-offs in the publishing industry, I spotted this article in The Guardian about Tony Blair’s official Christmas card. It’s a pretty rubbish article but reminded me about the large number of Christmas cards from famous people that can be found on AbeBooks. Here are some […]

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Michael Dirda on the 10 Commandments of Book Giving

No matter what the occasion,  The Washington Post‘s Michael Dirda makes a lot of sense with his 1o Commandments of Book Giving.  Tips such as choosing midlist authors,  visiting secondhand bookshops and looking beyond the bestseller lists could lead you to  the perfect gift. And, as Dirda points out, books are easy to wrap!

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Cherished Christmas Presents?

When I was young I was like most small children around Christmas time, constantly snooping around the house to see if I could stumble upon what my parents might be getting me for Christmas…. Either I was rubbish at finding things (only children are never any good at hide and seek) or my parents were […]

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David Baddiel on christmas shopping

If you read this blog, or our website, with any regularity you will have found at least one instance where we mention the possibility that just maybe someone you know might, perhaps, enjoy a book should you decide to get them something around the holidays. This is something we tend to believe around here. To […]

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Nostalgic Christmas Stories

According to the Associated Press, it’s not just me feeling extra humbug this winter. Tough times all around are sending people in search of familiar warm-fuzzies to beat the blues and blahs. And what better way to get in the holiday spirit than by revisiting some of the stories about the holidays that made us […]

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