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Uncorrected Proofs

In publishing jargon, a proof is the preliminary iteration of a book, intended for a limited audience. Its purpose is to allow for final edits. The proofs can also help to build and maintain buzz about a book before its official release date, generate some early reviews and have potential readers eager to get their […]

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Guaranteed awesome Gifts for a bookworm

Gizmodo, a very cool technology website which reviews and recommends electronics and helpful websites, gave us a very nice plug yesterday as a good place to find Christmas presents for the bibliophile in your life. In addition to ereaders, snazzy headphones, and iphone apps the Gizmodo folks suggest a first edition or signed copy of […]

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Lifehacker votes AbeBooks a top textbooks website

Lifehacker has listed us as one of the top five websites to buy cheap textbooks. At the bottom of the article they also included a poll allowing users to vote for their favorite site. We’re up against some VERY big websites, and as they say it’s an honor to be nominated, but it would be […]

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Cheap textbooks? Look no further

Vast numbers of college students are heading back to class in the next couple weeks, and the annual chore of buying textbooks has begun. The average amount a student spends on textbooks each year has been quoted at $900 and more. But you are not average are you, you wont spend that much because you […]

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