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Barack Obama to make another comic cameo

According to graphic novel publishers Papercutz Barack Obama has made a cameo in their newest Hardy Boys graphic novel. President Obama also has a cameo apearance in THE HARDY BOYS Graphic Novel #16 “Shhhhhh!” also from Papercutz. Unlike his other more recent and highly-publicised comicbook appearances, as either a Conan-like Barbarian or Spider-Man’s partner-in-crimefighting, his […]

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Obamas to Preside Over Book Festival

In addition to presiding over a country, Barack Obama will be presiding over the ninth National Book Festival along with his wife, Michelle.

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The Open Veins of Latin America – Hugo’s book club pick

Poor old Barack Obama. When he goes anywhere in the world, people are going to give him books they think he should read. It’s like being a child at Christmas when uncles and aunts have heard that you are good at something and they end up giving you a rubbish book. Hugo Chávez gave The […]

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Books about Portuguese Water Dogs

I wouldn’t buy a dog that needs a haircut every six weeks. Blimey, there’s a surprising high number of books about Portuguese Water Dogs for the Obama family to read. I think my favourite is…. Mad Cao’s are Surfing In My Kitchen. A Gathering of True Short Stories & Poetry about Portuguese Water Dogs.

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Obama’s next read: A Mind at Peace

Barack Obama is easy to buy gifts for. Just give him a book and he’ll be happy. The leader of the Turkish opposition party gave him with a copy of Ahmet Hamdi Tanpinar’s 1949 novel, A Mind At Peace, on the president’s recent trip. Naturally, it’s a novel about change. A Mind at Peace is […]

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Organic Obama: Barack and Michelle Plant a Vegetable Garden

Barack and Michelle Obama have announced their plans to transform part of the existing White House lawn/landscape into an edible garden. Among the veggies destined for presidential planting are spinach, chard, collard greens, black kale and cilantro, as well various other herbs and lettuces. The garden will be used in part as an educational tool […]

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Authors don’t get rich…

…unless you are Barack Obama, who earned nearly $2.5 million in royalties from the sale of his books in 2008.

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President Obama in the Running for British Book Awards

US President Barack Obama is in the running for two British book awards.

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Little Blue Book: The Inaugural Address by Barack Obama

Is this going to be the next big Barack Obama book? The Inaugural Address by Barack Obama….just published by Penguin. Just 112 pages. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of its lovely blue cloth jacket. It also contains Abraham Lincoln’s second inauguration speech (1865), Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (1863), Lincoln’s first inaugural speech (1861) and Ralph […]

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