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Presidential Perusal – Political Books of the Moment

  It’s been fun and interesting seeing Obama books flying off the shelves (servers?) and becoming increasingly collectible since his victory in early November. It seems everybody wants to get to know the President-elect and have a hint at what might be in store for the United States for the next four years. But if […]

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Sarah Palin Poetry

I think she needs to work on her rhyme scheme a bit but it shows promise “On Good and Evil” It is obvious to me Who the good guys are in this one And who the bad guys are. The bad guys are the ones Who say Israel is a stinking corpse, And should be […]

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Sarah Palin book back in stock

Sarah by Kaylene Johnson is now back in stock at AbeBooks.com after our sellers sold out following John McCain’s announcement that she’d be his running mate.

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Sarah Palin book

American politics became interesting once again this morning. Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska and a runner-up in the 1984 Miss Alaska beauty contest, is to be John McCain’s running mate apparently. It’s a smart move by McCain in an attempt to pick up the nation’s female voters who loved Hillary Clinton but don’t love […]

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