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Africa Day 6

Mombasa is one of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited. It was a hectic trip in! We arrived at our new hotel as it was getting dark. It was extremely humid and for the first time on this trip I felt like I was somewhere tropical. The hotel was gorgeous. It was a […]

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Africa Day 5

Day 5 Nation Media Day and visiting the Agha Khan Foundation Offices On our last day of touring AKF projects in Nairobi, I woke up, packed my suitcases and then the group got onto the familiar shuttle bus to drive to Nation Media. We were leaving for the coastal town of Mombasa that evening and […]

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Africa Awareness trip Day 4

Frigoken fields, the factory, and the Aga Khan hospital and Nursing Campus On day four I woke up in the Serena hotel – I felt more refreshed than the night before, but was still definitely jetlagged from crossing so many time zones! I ate a quick breakfast (what amazing fresh fruit and juices!) and we headed […]

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Africa Awareness Trip Days 1, 2 and 3

If you’ve read my pre-departure blog, you know I was on my way to Africa to learn and raise awareness about some of the projects and development initiatives of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). I got involved with AKDN through the World Partnership Walk and because of the commitment that my employer, AbeBooks, had […]

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AbeBooks sponsors Aga Khan trip to Africa

This Thursday (July 23) marks the start of my journey to Kenya in order to learn more about how the Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is tackling poverty. The fundraising to find almost $6,000 seems a million miles away now and all I can think about is what I will learn in the next few […]

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World Partnership Walk 2009 – thank you

I’m rather late in writing about this but I would like to congratulate the AbeBooks’ employees who took part in the World Partnership Walk on May 31. The team raised $4,320 and every penny will go towards tackling poverty through sustainable long-term solutions in Africa and Asia via the Aga Khan Foundation Canada. Thanks to […]

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Campaign for World Partnership Walk underway

Yesterday’s awareness event about the World Partnership Walk at AbeBooks’ headquarters attracted almost 50 people. Khalil Z. Shariff, CEO of the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, was the keynote speaker and he spoke with passion about how the funds raised by the Walk helps tackle poverty in places like Africa and Asia. The Aga Khan Foundation […]

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World Partnership Walk and Megan Hamlet

I would like to introduce the World Partnership Walk and a colleague of mine called Megan Hamlet. The World Partnership Walk, run by Aga Khan Foundation Canada, is Canada’s largest annual event dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to fight global poverty. It’s also one of the charitable organisations that AbeBooks.com supports. Megan is […]

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