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Tag Archives: Angel at the Fence

Doorstepping the Rosenblats

The Observer doorsteps Herman and Roma Rosenblat of Angel at the Fence made-up memoir infamy. It’s a strange article all around. This fuss blew up just before Christmas so The Observer isn’t exactly quick off the mark here. Also if you are going to doorstep someone when you many as well do it properly, hang […]

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Christmas catch-up

I thought the Christmas period was supposed to be a quiet time. Harold Pinter, famous for The Caretaker, and Eartha Kitt, who wrote several books, made their exits and the author of Angel at the Fence admitted his piece of non-fiction was actually fiction. Another sad loss was Dale Wasserman, who wrote Man of La […]

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Angel at the Fence – another fabricated memoir?

Is 2008 going to end with a revelation about another made-up memoir? Perhaps. The book in question is Angel at the Fence: The True Story of a Love That Survived by Herman Rosenblat, who has twice appeared on Oprah’s TV show. The book is set to be published by a division of Penguin in February […]

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