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Tag Archives: Book Tour

Authors hate book signings

Authors hate it when they have to sit and sign 3000 books in a row, but they also hate it more when no one shows up. The Independent looks at the pros and cons of the book signing. From those who are incredibly successful… There’s a shocking story about Stephen King signing books in a […]

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Signed David Sedaris

Keeping with signed books, it’s no wonder publishers are trying to hire shmucks off craigslist to sign books for their authors… after reading David Sedaris’ and his take on signings I’m starting to understand the appeal… I mean standing in line for autographs is bad enough; actually signing them has to be worse. This whole […]

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Book Towns

We happen to live very close to one, Sidney, BC, however it doesn’t appear to be listed here. The International Organization of Book Towns can help plan your next vacation!

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Authors on the road

Ann Patchett writes in Atlantic Monthly about the pros and cons of book tours.

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