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Tag Archives: internet

Encyclopedia Britannica goes all Wikipedia

I found this story mildly amusing this morning. Encyclopedia Britannica is inviting readers to contribute and edit entries on a new section of its website on order to challenge the domination of Wikipedia. Hmmm… let’s see – Wikipedia was launched in January 2001 and has 12 million articles. God knows how many millions of people […]

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Book titles lost in the Internet crowd

Philip Hensher writes in today’s Independent about book titles and how certain titles are recycled. He’s not kidding! There are times when I’m researching something on AbeBooks.com and I will search for a book and be presented with countless results from various authors who all used the identical book title. Philip writes recycling book names […]

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Internet Writing Lands Book Deal

I’ve heard of a singer being discovered from a video posted on YouTube and now the literary equivalent has occurred.  Stuart Neville, a writer from Northern Ireland has signed a major book deal after a New York literary agent happened upon his work online. In fact, Neville has a deal for two books and his […]

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