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Tag Archives: politics

“It Can’t Happen Here” sales soar as book buyers rush for reassurance

  Why have sales of Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 dystopian novel It Can’t Happen Here suddenly spiked, leaving some retailers with no copies on the shelves? Well, they say truth is stranger than fiction – but what if fiction just gets there first? It Can’t Happen Here is a dark, partially satirical novel written by American […]

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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – who wins in rare book sales?

After the bookish glory of Barack Obama’s bid to become president in 2008, books have barely been mentioned during the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. In 2008 and 2009, AbeBooks sold more 50 copies of books written by Obama for prices in excess of $1,000 – one signed copy of Dreams from my […]

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Axis of Evil Cookbook

The Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States: A Dinner Party Approach to International Relations is a real cookbook and getting a big publicity push from Reuters. Ideal for the power-mad, nuclear-armed meglomaniac in your life….

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