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Tag Archives: sports

Baseball and gardening

Polar opposites but lots of people love America’s pastime or messing about in the garden…. The Chicago Sun-Times reviews the latest baseball books. The St Louis Post Dispatch reviews some of the latest gardening books.

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From the wide world of books….

The Guardian has an obituary for the French author, Alain Robbe-Grillet. A Harry Potter nutter is hoping to get a £40,000 pay day by flogging off his collection of 553 first editions reports the Ediniburgh Evening News. Book recommendation of the day – Uppies and Downies: The Extraordinary Football Games of Britain by Hugh Hornby. […]

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Books for Super Bowl

Sports books are one of my passions, particularly football books, American football that is, although I also read soccer books too but they are, of course, football books in reality. With the Super Bowl around the corner, some of my thoughts and recommendations about great football books are currently on the site. Everyone should read […]

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Kicker writes novel

NFL kicker Jason Elam, who plays for the Denver Broncos, has published a spy thriller – Monday Night Jihad (football, terrorism and spying).

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Game of Shadows

The world of baseball is officially imploding today with the publication of the Mitchell Report into steriod abuse among players. Stars like Roger Clemens and many others are now implicated. Let’s remember it was a book that really started the ball rolling here – Game of Shadows written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, and […]

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Football books, cookbooks, art books

A blogger at The Guardian has six football books for us (that’s David Beckham football rather than Peyton Manning football). The Baltimore Sun recommends new cookbooks. The NY Times recommends art and architecture books.

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Author David Halberstam dies

The Associated Press is reporting that author David Halberstam died yesterday in a car accident. Halberstam was on his way to an interview when the crash occurred. Halberstam began his writing career as a journalist but in 1967 he left daily journalism and began writing books.  His topics varied from politics to sports to civil […]

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Hijacking of a Hockey Tradition – The Rookie Hockey Fan’s Protest

I was a bit irked watching Saturday’s hockey game.  No, I’m not referring to the Canucks loss to Dallas, although that was frustrating. I’m referring to the waving of white towels by Dallas fans.  “Towel Power” is a show of fan support for the Vancouver Canucks and to see the Dallas crowd waving white flags […]

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Hockey Nights in Canada

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are well under way and here in Victoria, support of the Vancouver Canucks is evident in t-shirts and car flags.  I’m a newbie hockey fan. Quite frankly I hated it when my brother’s love for the game dominated the family TV.  But for some odd reason, a few years ago, I […]

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