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Bookstore asks student to leave

The Harvard Crimson student newspapers reports how the Harvard coop bookstore asked a student to leave when staff saw that he was making notes of textbook prices so he could go away and conduct an online price comparison (which obviously would have generated a set of prices much, much cheaper).

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Why textbook prices should be very high…

Shame on the Atlanta Journal Constitution… shame on you. First, you shut down your book section and now you give free rein to this deluded professor who attempts to explain why textbooks should be very, very expensive. I’m sure the professor, Kenneth S Saladin, will be thrilled to know that used copies of his textbook, […]

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Professor battles sharks to buy textbooks for students

A professor at Fresno State has raised $1200 for a textbook lending program by signing up to the annual “Sharkfest”, a swim race from Alcatraz to the San Francisco shoreline. The book fund will rent students the textbooks they need for $1 a week.

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Buying cheap textbooks online

If you are one of thousands of US students heading back to university, then here are a few tips for buying textbooks on the Internet. AbeBooks.com has been a player in the online textbook market for more than three years now so here’s some very simple advice for saving money on books. Buy early – […]

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CNN recommends AbeBooks.com for cheap textbooks

In around 10 days classes will start at least 50 major US universities and the traditional scramble for textbooks has already begun. At this time of year, we see a daily increase in sales as students go online looking for cheap textbooks. Textbooks have been a big part of our business for around four years […]

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Cheap textbooks

Sorry that we’re late with blogging today. The US college textbook season is almost upon us and we’re preparing for our busiest time of the year. One of our tech folks informed me a few months ago that at the very peak of the Fall back-to-school season (last week of August), AbeBooks.com experiences 90 book […]

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Textbook design

As the second semester of school starts up for students (as indicated by the full transit buses and the spike in sales for textbooks on AbeBooks), I found an article about the passing of Tom Suzuki – a designer who changed the way textbooks are created and designed. “…he introduced a storyboard approach adapted from […]

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