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Tag Archives: art

Gustave Dore’s London

In 1869 a journalist called Blanchard Jerrold joined forces with the famous French artist Gustave Doré to create an illustrated record of London. Night and day, this duo explored the city, going from poverty-stricken slums to royal palaces. The book, first published in parts, was called London: A Pilgrimage, and it contained 180 wood engravings. […]

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Art of the Book 2018 exhibition opens

If you love books and art, then perhaps you should learn about the book arts, where the book is used as the medium for artistic expression. Art of the Book 2018 is an international exhibition staged by the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG), which opened this past weekend in Victoria, British Columbia. The […]

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A souper valuable pop art dress from Campbell’s Soup

It’s a piece of clothing. It’s advertising. It’s pop art. It’s ephemera. It’s the Souper Dress. Created by Campbell’s Soup, this is a dress specifically designed to help sell cans of soup by riding on the coattails of Andy Warhol’s iconic image from 1962. It’s a disposable, screen-printed dress made of 20% cotton and 80% […]

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Scarce ‘Photographs of Mexico’ book sells for $15,000

A scarce photography book by Paul Strand, whose modernist images helped turn photography into an art form, has sold for $15,000 on AbeBooks.com. Photographs of Mexico was published in 1940 and features stark black and white hand-pulled photogravure images. Strictly speaking, it’s a portfolio of 20 loose leaf images. Strand, an American born in New […]

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Germany’s Parthenon of Banned Books

 In Kassel, Germany, at the place where the Nazis once burned books by Jewish and Marxist writers, Argentinian artist Marta Minujín built a huge tribute to free speech called the Parthenon of Books. It featured more than 100,000 books donated by the public.

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175-year-old fig leaf just sold for $660. Find out why.

This might be the world’s most fragile piece of art – a gouache painting on a Chinese fig leaf from the 19th century that had been mounted on paper. It’s just sold for $660 on AbeBooks.com. To be accurate, it’s from a peepal tree, which is also called Ficus religiosa or the sacred fig, a […]

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Judging Vinyl Albums by Their Cover

AbeBooks isn’t just for books – we also have a wide selection of vinyl records spanning many different genres – jazz, rock, folk, blues, the list goes on. People who collect vinyl are serious about finding the next great album to add to their collection. Record junkies claim that there’s no better way to listen to music […]

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Barack Obama Art

An article yesterday in Publisher’s Weekly highlighted the demand and popularity of art books. As publishers try to cash in on the booming demand for literary art, it gives a great opportunity to highlight some of the rare and collectible art books here on AbeBooks.com Art books have long been a major facet of the […]

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