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Tag Archives: Beth Reads

Beth Reads (shh..): Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Let’s get this out of the way. I’m 31. Not 14, not 16, not reading Teen Tiger Heartthrob magazine and swooning about anyone named Johnny, not attending any first dances. Nope. 31. So you can understand my immediate dismissal of Stephenie Meyer‘s books, despite their steady climb (more like a rocket, really) to the top […]

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Beth Reads: Best and Worst Reads of 2008

2008 was a decent year for books for me. I make an effort to read at least two books per month (preferably more). I fell a bit short this year, but given how busy I’ve been, and given that I KNOW I’ve forgotten at least a title or two, I feel fairly content. Also, most […]

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Beth Reads: Review of Carol Shields’ Unless

Before my recent reading of Unless, I’d never read much Carol Shields, and some of her best-known titles (Larry’s Party, The Box Garden, The Stone Diaries etc.) are still on my ‘To Read’ list (in the smallest font, it would still be taller than I am), and getting closer to the top as I realize […]

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