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Demand for The Recently Deflowered Girl

Have you heard of a book called The Recently Deflowered Girl by Hyacinthe Phypps, or should I say Edward Gorey? Last week this book was the second most searched for book title on AbeBooks.com after Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The book was first published in 1965 but has been out-of-print for years. However, the blogosphere […]

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A Wovel, and Choose Your Own Adventure Books

1. blog = short for “weblog”, an online journal, diary, or log. 2. web + novel = wovel, online prose published a bit at a time, so readers can read along. The term was coined by Victoria Blake, former editor at Dark Horse Comics (who distribute Joss Whedon’s amazing Buffy thr Vampire Slayer Season 8 […]

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