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Tag Archives: book collecting

Collecting the Dillons

Brooklyn-based bookseller Honey & Wax recently announced the winner of their 2018 book collecting prize. The contest was open to women book collectors in the United States, aged 30 or younger, and AbeBooks was excited to lend a hand as one of the sponsors. Heather O’Donnell and Rebecca Romney, the two sellers behind Honey & […]

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Romance Novels of the Jazz Age and Depression Eras

In 2017, Honey and Wax Booksellers launched an innovative book collecting prize open to women collectors in the United States, aged 30 or younger. “We take a particular interest in the evolving role of women in the rare book trade, on both the buying and selling sides. The great American book collector Mary Hyde Eccles, […]

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Signed Barack Obama book sells for $12,500

Here is a list of the top ten most expensive sales on AbeBooks in the month of January. Barack Obama continues to be super hot among book collectors once again smashing the previous Obama book price record of $5500. Top 10 most expensive books purchased on AbeBooks for January 2009 1. YA-WAE PA-HU-CAE E-CAE AE-TA-NAE […]

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Top 10 Bits of Ephemera I Can’t Afford (But Would Like, Please).

Presenting, in no particular order…the top 10 things that aren’t quite books but are book-related that I would like to own, but can’t quite afford, so someone please buy them for me. Thank you. 1. Signed Photo of Pablo Picasso. I love Picasso. I love his art, and having seen/read much about him, he seemed […]

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Victoria Times-Colonist Book Sale Dates 2009

Oh, huzzah. The Times-Colonist book sale is upon us again. This year’s dates are February 21-22 here in Victoria, BC, at the NOW furniture store on the corner of Douglas and Queens. To all my friends who last year went “Argh! Why didn’t you TELL ME it was on?!?” when I showed you all my […]

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Penguin’s Retro Covers and Deluxe Editions

Further proof that our friends at Penguin are marketing geniuses. Penguin’s director of sales in Australia, Peter Blake, came up with the idea for ‘Popular Penguins’ 10 years ago, but higher-ups were skeptical whether the idea would be a success. Blake’s plan entailed re-releasing 50 titles (25 fiction, 25 non) in the original, now retro, […]

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AbeBooks top 10 most expensive sales from December 2008

This (past) month’s list of top sales is one of the most varied that we have seen in some time. Aside from the usual suspects (your Atlas Shrugged and Treasure Islands), we have books on Communism and Capitalism, a prophesier and a prophet (not to be confused with the aforementioned profit), the Dutch and the […]

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