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Tag Archives: books for preschoolers

Tales for Tots Tuesday: Something from Nothing by Phoebe Gilman

I have to thank Beth for sharing Phoebe Gilman’s Something from Nothing with me.  Adapted from an old Jewish folksong, it’s a fabulous story with detailed illustrations.  (Keep an eye on the mice at the bottom of the page, they add something to the story!) When Joseph was a baby his grandfather made his a […]

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Tales for Tots Tuesday: I Love You So Much by Carl Norac

Lola the hamster wakes up with special words on her tongue. She wants to say them but Daddy is off to work, Mommy is too busy, the bus is too noisy and the teacher is holding another child. All day long the words build up in Lola, puffing up her cheeks as they try to […]

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Tales for Tots Tuesday: 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch

I love that there are books labeled as “Classic Munsch” for indeed, Robert Munsch‘s books are just that – classic! 50 Below Zero is a good example of this.  It’s written in a manner that is perfect for storytelling. You can’t help but get into it and sound out a silly “zzzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz-zzzzz” to show that […]

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Spot’s UK Tour 2009

Watch out for preschool pandemonium! Hot off the Ladybird Books newsletter press comes the news that Spot the dog is coming to cinema’s throughout the UK during January and February. The popular storytime pup will star in his own feature animation. The event also includes interactive storytelling  and an opportunity to meet Spot in person […]

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Tales for Tots Tuesday: William’s Doll by Charlotte Zolotow

I’ll confess – this isn’t a new read for me. My fondness for Charlotte Zolotow‘s William’s Doll actually goes back to Kindergarten when it was read to my class by the school librarian. At the age of five I was smitten with babies and was set to have 11 myself, and found it perfectly understandable […]

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Tales for Tots Tuesday: “Cowlick” by Christin Ditchfield, Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw

I was immediately attracted by the cover of Christin Ditchfield‘s Cowlick! – a bold image of a toddler’s face with a look of surprise and one major cowlick! The brightly coloured images  will attract, and keep, the attention of young children as will the simple rhyming. Cowlick! is a story about two little boys who […]

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Tales for Tots Tuesdays – Book Recommendations

One of my aspirations is to write a children’s picture book.  As I have become more “serious” about this, I’ve been reading tips on getting started and getting to know the industry. An important step is to become familiar with those who have gone before you –  That is,  published authors and their books. So […]

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