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Tag Archives: expensive books

Take out a mortgage for a Kraken Opus coffeetable book

Martin Waller in The Times business section looks at Kraken Opus – the company behind some very big, very expensive coffeetable books. Manchester United, the Super Bowl, Barcelona FC etc The Opus on Man U has just changed hands for £1 million, making it the most expensive sports publication on record. Another Opus, a diamond-encrusted […]

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Harry Potter and the Most Expensive Sales Ever

Behold, muggles and magicians alike! The new and improved List of Most Expensive Harry Potter Books Ever Sold on AbeBooks is here. From a whopping $37,000 for a first edition of Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone to a paltry sum of only $3,000 for a set of all seven American first editions, they’re all here. […]

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Top 10 Bits of Ephemera I Can’t Afford (But Would Like, Please).

Presenting, in no particular order…the top 10 things that aren’t quite books but are book-related that I would like to own, but can’t quite afford, so someone please buy them for me. Thank you. 1. Signed Photo of Pablo Picasso. I love Picasso. I love his art, and having seen/read much about him, he seemed […]

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Top 10 excuses when accused of spending too much on books

I just found this post which is over a year old but I thought it was just great. Here are the top 10 excuses to use when you come home to your partner having spent WAY too much on books… 10. “Look at how much money I saved! These were all forty to fifty percent […]

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AbeBooks top 10 most expensive sales from December 2008

This (past) month’s list of top sales is one of the most varied that we have seen in some time. Aside from the usual suspects (your Atlas Shrugged and Treasure Islands), we have books on Communism and Capitalism, a prophesier and a prophet (not to be confused with the aforementioned profit), the Dutch and the […]

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