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Tag Archives: fashion

Bookish fashion sense

What does a librarian wear while doing housework? …. A dustjacket! I’m sorry about that. The rest of the photos from this librarian fashion show are pretty neat though.

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Sebastian Horsley versus America

America remains safe and secure after author and artist Sebastian Horsley was turned away last week. Thankfully, some of the most incisive citizens of the United States are keeping watch. They also asked him what he was keeping in his hat, to which he replied: “My head.”

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Bookstore t-shirt campaign

This bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is threatened with closure. You can help by buying a t-shirt… or, if you’re local, going in and buying some books.

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Manolo’s book versus Manolo’s shoes

With AbeBooks’ first ever charity auction coming up on Monday, it’s interesting to compare the cost of Manolo Blahnik’s special edition of Madame Bovary and the cost of Manolo Blahnik’s shoes. Penguin has been asking $200 for one of these beautiful books but it seems you are not going to get a pair of Manolo […]

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Penguin Designer Classics charity auction coming soon

Something a little bit different will be happening at AbeBooks.com next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re holding an online charity auction in conjunction with Penguin Classics. Penguin got together with five major designers and asked them to come up with new editions of their favourite novel. The results were stunning. Penguin printed 1000 copies of […]

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Literary mutton chops

While doing some homework on science fiction authors, I was deeply impressed by Isaac Asimov’s incredible mutton chops. Is there any other author with such impressive facial hair? Karl Marx….

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Pimp my bookcart

Next time I walk into my local library, I want to see the librarians wearing these t-shirts and pushing some very pimped out bookcarts.

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Book Bag

Need a book bag? Rebound Designs, has the perfect ones… literally bags made from books. Of course you can make your own.

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