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Tag Archives: first edition

Signed Barack Obama book sells for $12,500

Here is a list of the top ten most expensive sales on AbeBooks in the month of January. Barack Obama continues to be super hot among book collectors once again smashing the previous Obama book price record of $5500. Top 10 most expensive books purchased on AbeBooks for January 2009 1. YA-WAE PA-HU-CAE E-CAE AE-TA-NAE […]

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Inkheart first editions

Still on Inkheart, since it is a book about books and we love that combination so, it’s a fairly collectable book for a recent novel (having first been published in 2003). There are several Inkheart first editions on offer but I think my favourite is this UK first where Cornelia Funke has sketched a doodled […]

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Record high price for Stephenie Meyer sales

The golden girl can do no wrong, the movie adaptation of her first novel Twilight earned over 70 million dollars this past weekend. So I suppose it shouldn’t come as to much of a surprise that signed first editions of the novel might have an increased demand once again. Amidst the promotion hubbub for her […]

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