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Tag Archives: furniture

Time To Read

Someone is offering the perfect clock for voracious readers. The “Avid Reader Wall Clock” is available on CafePress. Whenever you’re asked what time it is, it’s always time to read. How much better than that can you get?!

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Dangerous Chair

Why dangerous? If I sat in a chair that put so many books at my finger (and toe) tips, I might never get up again… This ‘Bibliochaise’ was designed by nobody&co. They also do a great bookshelf, ‘Piola’:

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Dickens sat here

A desk and a chair for £80,000?

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I love small houses with clever space design. This staircase / bookcase is quite lovely.

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Book furniture

A bookcase that’s also a chair – it would be the perfect combination if it also contained a wine rack.

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Second Life for Used Books

Lately, I’ve become more concerned about being ecofriendly.  Not that this issue didn’t concern me before,  but I’m delving more into ways to “reduce, reuse and recycle”.   During one of my random internet searches, came across this interesting site for a design company that focuses on environmental and social goals and they had a great use for […]

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Reading Chair

Everyone has a favourite spot for reading… a chair, a couch, the bed on a Sunday morning, outside on the lawn — the list is endless. Nobody & Co. have designed the Bibliochaise, a chair shelf fusion piece of furniture. Curious.

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