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Tag Archives: garden

Baseball and gardening

Polar opposites but lots of people love America’s pastime or messing about in the garden…. The Chicago Sun-Times reviews the latest baseball books. The St Louis Post Dispatch reviews some of the latest gardening books.

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For Christmas…The $64 Tomato

Today’s recommendation for Christmas giving is…. The $64 Tomato by William Alexander. Published by the wonderful Algonquin press, this is a great non-fiction book for all would-be gardeners. I read this book in the summer and it’s definitely worth a look if you are thinking about getting serious in the vegetable patch. Hey, it should […]

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Only four months until spring

It’s never too early to start thinking about your plans for next year’s garden or, in the short term, Christmas presents for the soil worker in your life. The Times of London has put together a great list of the best gardening books of the year. I am not what you would call a green […]

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Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants

Boing Boing highlights an interesting blog posting about Richard Evans Schultes’s Golden Guide to Hallucinogenic Plants.

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The Forestiere Underground Gardens

The Dallas Morning News has a feature about a book by Silvio Manno called The Forestiere Underground Gardens: A Pictorial Journey  – telling the story of how Baldassare Forestiere built 10 acres of underground gardens in California. Using little more than a shovel, pick, wheelbarrow and his imagination, Mr. Forestiere carved his living quarters in about […]

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Amy Stewart’s Flower Confidential

We just placed an interview with author Amy Stewart on to AbeBooks.com. She has penned a book called Flower Confidential – an insight into flowers, or rather the cut flowers you buy from florists and supermarkets. Amy’s been getting plenty of attention – the New York Times reviewed her book several weeks ago. She’s in […]

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Climate change makes all gardening books obsolete

A major blow this morning for horticulturalists everywhere – all gardening books are now out of date thanks to climate change. “Books that were written in the 1980s and early 1990s, such as Geoff Hamilton’s The First Time Garden from 1988, no longer accurately reflect the fact that many plants that would normally be killed […]

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Ah Spring (and Summer)! How we have missed you. The weather has turned pleasant (and least here on the left coast), and so naturally thoughts of being outdoors and BBQs are abundant. And part of this is getting the garden back into shape and the veggie patch underway. I never been a big fan of […]

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