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Tag Archives: Inkheart

Cornelia Funke interview

Cornelia Funke, author of Inkheart, is interviewed here. “I usually let a manuscript go only after I’ve done at least five drafts. I am a merciless editor. I cut entire chapters. I cut entire characters. That’s partially because in the first draft I write by instinct. It’s best if you don’t know what you’re doing. […]

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Inkheart book not so out of print

Check out Time Magazine’s review of Inkheart, I find it funny that they did not question the realism of a man who could bring books to life by reading them but rather questioned his inability to use the internet to find his out of print book. For nine long years, Mo has been dragging the […]

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Inkheart first editions

Still on Inkheart, since it is a book about books and we love that combination so, it’s a fairly collectable book for a recent novel (having first been published in 2003). There are several Inkheart first editions on offer but I think my favourite is this UK first where Cornelia Funke has sketched a doodled […]

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Inkheart the Movie is Better Than the Book

According to a film review in the Tapei Times, the film adaptation of Inkheart is better than the book. Staff reporter Ian Bartholomew writes: “… there is lots of good acting, a splendid plot and a string of mildly funny literary jokes (referencing The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Sinbad the Sailor) mean that […]

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