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Tag Archives: libraries

Libraries in shopping malls

Reading Copy Libraries in the UK are looking at ways to step in to the 21st century. George at BookNinja echo’s my sentiments almost exactly.

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250,000 library books missing

A quarter of a million books have gone missing from libraries in Waltham Forest (a small town just outside of London) – book-burners are suspected.

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British Library’s restoration job

Reuters has a story about how the British Library is restoring its collection of rare books.

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Bodleian Library

One of the world’s greatest libraries, the Bodleian in Oxford, is full, reports The Guardian.

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You are what you read

In an interesting New York Times article, a number of top C.E.O.’s (Michael Moritz, Phil Knight, etc) comment on their own personal libraries. Apparently the key to success is “don’t follow your mentors, follow your mentors’ mentors.”

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