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Tag Archives: money

Textbook Buyback in the UK

We have officially launched our textbook buyback service for the United Kingdom which is a way for students to instantly sell their textbooks online in the same way that they buy books. Students simply enter the ISBNs of any books they wish to sell on AbeBooks.co.uk’s buy-back page and they are instantly offered a competitive […]

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Million dollar middle classes

If you have a million dollars then you are simply middle class in America according to a new book. Discuss. The mere fact that this book even got published says a lot about America.

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Books on investing

Forbes.com has the best books on investing. I won’t be reading these books – what’s the point? I can’t make an investment with my life savings of an old button and a packet of M&Ms, although this one sounds OK….. Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, by Edwin Lefèvre For pure entertainment, this book is hard […]

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Anyone for a £3 million diamond-encrusted book?

I love stories about exceptionally expensive objects whether they are pizzas, cars or, in this case, a diamond-encrusted book that’s worth £3 million, according to the BBC. Made-to-order copies, complete with 600 sparklers built into the cover, of Dancing With The Bear are apparently ideal for Russian billionaires. The book is an account of how […]

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Blue Book of the Hamptons

The Blue Book of the Hamptons is an insight into the rich and famous from one of America’s most sought-after enclaves. Hardbound, shrink-wrapped and priced at a whopping $70, The Blue Book of the Hamptons 2007 is indeed a kind of illicit read. In essence, it is a local directory for the area’s wealthy, socially […]

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Dig out that unpublished manuscript

It’s time to find those unpublished manuscripts. There’s money on the table.

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