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Tag Archives: office

Stephen King coming soon to an office near you

Imagine being able to walk down the hall to your office lunchroom and be able to catch your favourite author talk for an hour while you munch down your tuna sandwich. The dream is a reality for some. Several major west coast companies (ie Google Microsoft, Starbucks, Yahoo, etc.) have been including author speaking events […]

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Haiku at work

While we’re still getting lots of entries daily in our Harry Potter poetry contest, BookNinja has posted some of the entries they have in their office/work Haiku contest My personal favourite thus far…. Orthopedic chair essentially useless since I slouch, chin in hand.

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Office move day is creeping closer all the time. The ongoing construction activity in Victoria has made things challenging, as well as a some poor weather compounding the issues. There seems to be something of a boom going on, everytime you turn around another condo development is getting built. But things look good for AbeBooks […]

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Like death and taxes, it seems the cubicle is an inevitability of life. For anyone who has spent any time working in an office environment, they have come up against this dreaded cube. It has been mocked in movies, books and Dilbert comics, and there are even action figures based on the cubicle world. The […]

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