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Tag Archives: Penguin

Penguin’s Retro Covers and Deluxe Editions

Further proof that our friends at Penguin are marketing geniuses. Penguin’s director of sales in Australia, Peter Blake, came up with the idea for ‘Popular Penguins’ 10 years ago, but higher-ups were skeptical whether the idea would be a success. Blake’s plan entailed re-releasing 50 titles (25 fiction, 25 non) in the original, now retro, […]

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Penguin’s new translation of Arabian Nights

The Guardian revisits The Arabian Nights in honour of the fact that Penguin has just published a new translation of these classic stories. It’s an interesting article but my wonderful friends at Penguin are giving us a set of these books as a competition prize for AbeBooks.co.uk. There were only 3,000 limited edition copies printed […]

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