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Tag Archives: science

The First Two Years and What Goes On

Sociology and human behaviour and development fascinate me which explains why I am a huge fan of Desmond Morris. Desmond Morris is a very interesting character in his own right. He’s famous not only for his work as a zoologist, scholar of human behaviour but also for his work as a surrealist artist and an […]

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Copernicus science classic sells for $2.2 million

A copy of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus’ masterwork – De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres), printed in 1543 – sold for $2.2 million yesterday at a sale of more than rare 300 science books. The sale also included a phone book for New Haven, Conn., that was issued in 1878, two […]

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Brian May book signing

Queen guitarist, Brian May, was signing copies of Bang! The Complete History of the Universe at an LA bookstore last week. May, who has a Ph.D in astrophysics, co-wrote the book with Chris Lintott and Patrick Moore (who is also a bit of a rock star as far as astronomers go). One copy from that […]

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The favourite books of scientists

While we are on the favourite books’ bandwagon. New Scientist asks 17 of its kin to discuss their favourite book. 1. Farthest North – Steve Jones, geneticist 2. The Art of the Soluble – V. S. Ramachandran, neuroscientist 3. Animal Liberation – Jane Goodall, primatologist 4. The Foundation trilogy – Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist 5. […]

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Science Books of 2007

Miffed at the lack of science books in most of year end reviews – Edge posts their list of science books of 2007.

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