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Tag Archives: top ten lists

Eight (Ate!) Books That Make Me Hungry

To a foodie, a good food scene in a book is better than a good sex scene or car chase or whatever else. These are eight books (no cookbooks allowed) that give good food. 1.Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel Okay, this one’s a bit of a ‘gimme’. The whole book’s about food, after […]

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Top 10 Books in Which Things End Badly

This is actually from an article written for the  Guardian.co.uk  by author Richard Gwyn back in March 2007.Despite being almost two-years-old, the list is timeless and is still pretty entertaining. Paraphrasing wouldn’t do the list justice so here you go, with a hearty ‘Thank You’ to Gwyn,  Richard Gwyn’s top 10 books In Which Things […]

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Top Ten Obamamania – Good morning, Mr. President

So, this morning, Barack Obama woke up as President of the United States. But I wonder if he know’s the extent of the buzz around his name? It’s been pretty astounding watching the media frenzy, watching the world respond. An exciting time to live in, to witness, without a doubt. Just off the top of […]

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