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Tag Archives: Victorian Farm

Bestselling books for January 2009 on AbeBooks.co.uk

Barack Obama continues to be the talk of the town on both sides of the Atlantic and The Reality TV program Victorian Farm edged the long out of print Book of the Farm into the top ten, however its out of print status kept it from creeping any higher in the rankings. Top 10 bestselling […]

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Victorian Farm: Rediscovering Forgotten Skills

Fans of the BBC2 reality series “Victorian Farm” will want to get their hands on the tie-in title, Victorian Farm: Rediscovering Forgotten Skills (also known as Tales From the Victorian Farm). Victorian Farm, a follow-up to the 2005 series Tales From the Green Valley which explored life on a 17th Century British farm,  follows archaeologists […]

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Reality TV show revives interest in Book of the Farm

Ever heard of The Book of the Farm by Henry Stephens? Neither had I until I checked out the most popular search terms on AbeBooks.co.uk for last week. It appears BBC 2’s new reality TV series, Victorian Farm, has sparked interest in this forgotten out-of-print farming manual that was originally published in 1844. This scarce […]

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