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Tag Archives: Youtube

Top Ten Obamamania – Good morning, Mr. President

So, this morning, Barack Obama woke up as President of the United States. But I wonder if he know’s the extent of the buzz around his name? It’s been pretty astounding watching the media frenzy, watching the world respond. An exciting time to live in, to witness, without a doubt. Just off the top of […]

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Costa Coffee: the best thing for books since sliced bread

Earlier this week the category winners of the Costa Book Awards were announced. Today, I found this video on YouTube – three minutes or so of the winners talking about their books and writing in general. Costa is a coffee shop chain in the UK and I’m very grateful they sponsor these awards and give […]

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AbeBooks TechTube Video

Want to know what’s so great about living on Vancouver Island, and working at AbeBooks in particular? Check out this video, made by AbeBooks employees, that highlights what makes us stay, and makes us smile.

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