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  • Seller image for Loeb Classical Library Editions [Complete in 23 Volumes] for sale by Book House in Dinkytown, IOBA
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    Hardcover. Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Good+. Twenty-three volumes, sold together. Complete Loeb Classical Library editions of Aristotle's works in mixed printings (mostly 1960s printings--see list at end). All volumes bound in green cloth, with gilt titling on spines. All bindings are tight, sturdy and square; some light pencil in Vol. XIX (Nicomachean Ethics), else text is very good throughout all volumes; wear to edges of boards is very minor. Vol. XXI (Politics) missing the dust jacket, otherwise all volumes include a dust jacket in VG-/G+ condition, with two exceptions: Vol. VI (On the Heavens) is worn over the spine, with several tears and an attempt at repair with tape, and Vol. XV (Problems, Books 1?21) is worn and torn at spine ends. Otherwise, wear to edges of jackets is minor; some jackets are clipped; minor toning to edges of most jackets as well; all jackets arrive wrapped in protective mylar. A fantastic addition to your philosophy working library! Due to the size/weight of this book extra charges may apply for international shipping. Ships from Dinkytown in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [No. 325 Volume I. Categories. On Interpretation. Prior Analytics; 1966 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 391 Volume II. Posterior Analytics. Topica; 1966 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 400 Volume III. On Sophistical Refutations. On Coming-to-be and Passing Away. On the Cosmos; 1965 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 228 Volume IV. Physics, Books 1?4; 1963 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 255 Volume V. Physics, Books 5?8; 1960 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 338 Volume VI. On the Heavens; 1960 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 397 Volume VII. Meteorologica; 1962 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 288 Volume VIII. On the Soul. Parva Naturalia. On Breath; 1964 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 437 Volume IX. History of Animals, Books 1?3; 1965 (First) printing, green dust jacket] [No. 438 Volume X. History of Animals, Books 4?6; 1970 (First) printing, green dust jacket] [No. 439 Volume XI. History of Animals, Books 7?10; 1991 (First) printing, green dust jacket] [No. 323 Volume XII. Parts of Animals. Movement of Animals. Progression of Animals; 1961 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 366 Volume XIII. Generation of Animals; 1963 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 307 Volume XIV. Minor Works: On Colours. On Things Heard. Physiognomics. On Plants. On Marvellous Things Heard. Mechanical Problems. On Indivisible Lines. The Situations and Names of Winds. On Melissus, Xenophanes, Gorgias; 1963 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 316 Volume XV. Problems, Books 1?21; 1961 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 317 Volume XVI. Problems, Books 22?38. Rhetorica ad Alexandrum; 1965 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 271 Volume XVII. Metaphysics, Books 1?9; 1963 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 287 Volume XVIII. Metaphysics, Books 10?14. Oeconomica. Magna Moralia; 1962 printing, white dust jacket] [No. 73 Volume XIX. Nicomachean Ethics; 1968 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 285 Volume XX. Athenian Constitution. Eudemian Ethics. Virtues and Vices; 1967 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 264 Volume XXI. Politics; 1967 printing, missing dust jacket] [No. 193 Volume XXII. The Art of Rhetoric; 1967 printing, green dust jacket] [No. 199 Volume XXIII. Poetics. Longinus, On the Sublime. Demetrius, On Style; 1965 printing, green dust jacket].