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Ernsting, Walter; Scheer, K. H.; Mahr, Kurt; Shols, W. W.; Dalton, Clark; Brand, Kurt; Voltz, William (with Ray Cummings; H. G. Wells; L. Ron Hubbard; E. E. Doc Smith; Harl Vincent; Murray Leinster; Andrew J. Offutt; A. E. van Vogt; A. Merritt; et al)

Published by Ace Books, New York (1969)

Used Paperback First Edition

Quantity Available: 1

From: W. Fraser Sandercombe (Burlington, ON, Canada)

Seller Rating: 5-star rating

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About this Item: Ace Books, New York, 1969. Paperback. Condition: Very Good. First Paperback Printings. 118 paperbacks. Most of these have only light edge and corner wear with flat uncreased spines; only a few have creasing on the spines and store stamps. Some of the places where this series of books is shown have decided to chop the description, leaving out a number of the books. For a complete list, just write. A number of these volumes include writing that isn't mentioned in the title by authors such as: Ray Cummings; H. G. Wells; L. Ron Hubbard; E. E. Doc Smith; Harl Vincent; Murray Leinster; Andrew J. Offutt; A. E. van Vogt; A. Merritt; Stanton A. Coblentz; Harry Eichner; J. Melchior; Robert Lulyk; Kris Neville; Lil Neville; Oliver Saari; David Curry; Colin Barnhorst; Ann Orhelein; Clyde Crane Campbell; William F. Temple; Roger Aday; Elizabeth Reid; Horace L. Gold; Forrest J. Ackerman; Donald M. Spencer; Dennis Palumbo; William B. Ellern; Oscar J. Friend; Estelle Frye; Shirley Parenteau; D. D. Sharp; S. T. Robinson; Jill Taggart; Avery Goodman; and many others. ATLAN PERRY RHODAN SERIES: The Wasp Men Attack by W. W. Shols; and Atlan 1: Spider Desert by Ernst Vlcek; Atlan 2: Menace of Atomigeddon by Kurt Mahr; and Flight from Tarkihl by Clark Darlton; Atlan 3: Robot Threat: New York by W. W. Shols; and Pale Country Pursuit by Hans Kneifel; and Atlan 4: The Crystal Prince by K. H. Scheer; and Atlan 5: War of the Ghosts by Clark Darlton. PERRY RHODAN SERIES: 1: Enterprise Stardust by Walter Ernsting and K. H. Scheer; 2: The Radiant Dome by Waltern Ernsting and K. H. Scheer; 3: Galactic Alarm by Kurt Mahr and W. W. Shols; 4: Invasion from Space by Kurt Mahr and Walter Ernsting; 5: The Vega Sector by Kurt Mahr and K. H. Scheer; 6: Secret of the Time Vault by Clark Dalton (Walter Ernsting;) 7: Fortress of the Six Moons by K. H. Scheer; 8: The Galactic Riddle by Clark Dalton; 9: Quest Through Space and Time by Clark Dalton; 10: The Ghosts of Gol by Kurt Mahr (Klaus Mahn;) 11: Planet of the Dying Sun by Kurt Mahr; 12: The Rebels of Tuglan by Clark Dalton; 13: The Immortal Unknown by Clark Dalton; 14: Venus in Danger by Kurt Mahr; 15: Escape to Venus by Clark Dalton; 16: Secret Barrier X by W. W. Shols; 17: The Venus Trap by Kurt Mahr; 18: Menace of the Mutant Master by Kurt Mahr; 19: Mutants vs. Mutants by Clark Dalton; 20: The Thrall of Hypno by Clark Dalton; 21: The Cosmic Decoy by K. H. Scheer; 22: Fleet of Springers by Kurt Mahr; 23: Peril on Ice Planet by Kurt Mahr; 24: Infinity Flight by Clark Dalton; 25: Snowman in Flames by Clark Dalton; 26: Cosmic Traitor by Kurt Brand; 27: Planet of the Gods by Kurt Mahr; 28: The Plague of Oblivion by Clark Dalton; 29: A World Gone Mad by Clark Dalton; 30: To Arkon by Kurt Mahr; 31: Realm of the Tri Planets by K. H. Scheer; 32: Challenge of the Unknown by Clark Dalton; 33: The Giant's Partner by Clark Dalton; 34: SOS Spaceship Titan by Kurt Brand; 35: Beware the Microbots by Kurt Mahr; 36: Man and Monster by K. H. Scheer; 37: Epidemic Center: Aralon by Clark Dalton; 38: Project Earthsave by Kurt Brand; 39: The Silence of Gom by Kurt Mahr; 40: Red Eyes of Betelgeuse by Clark Dalton; 41: The Earth Dies by Clark Dalton; 42: Time's Lonely One by K. H. Scheer; 43: Life Hunt by Kurt Brand; 44: The Pseudo One by Clark Dalton; 45: Unknown Sector: Milky Way by Kurt Mahr; 46: Again Atlan by K. H. Scheer; 47: Shadow of the Mutant Master by Kurt Brand; 48: The Dead Live by Clark Dalton; 49: Solar Assassins by Kurt Mahr; 50: Attack from the Unseen by Clark Dalton; 51: Return from the Void by Kurt Mahr; 52: Fortress Atlantis by K. H. Scheer; 53: Spybot by Clark Dalton; 54: The Blue Dwarfs by Kurt Mahr; 55: The Micro Techs by Clark Dalton; 56: Prisoner of Time by Clark Dalton; 57: A Touch of Eternity by Clark Dalton; 58: The Guardians by Kurt Mahr; 59: Interlude on Siliko by Kurt Brand; 60: Dimension Search by Kurt Mahr; 61: Death Waits in Semispace by Kurt Mahr; 62: The Last Days of Atlantis by K. H. Scheer; 63: The Tigris Leaps by Kurt Brand; 64: The Ambassadors from Aurifel by Kurt Mahr; 65: Renegade. Seller Inventory # 205676

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