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From Germany to U.S.A.

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About this Item: Munich : Prestel, 2004. Condition: Sehr gut. 301 S. Umschlag leicht berieben, sonst gutes Exemplar. - Weathering, Restoration, and Formal Criticism: a Senufo Figure (Pdrdpya) Till Forster -- Youthful Faces: an Ogoni Mask (Eiu) Keith Nicklin -- Renewable Art of Containment: a Djerma Vessel. F.J.L. -- Surface as Key to Identity and Place: an Egyptian Relief. Thomas Kittredge -- Mask of Wisdom: a We Mask (Gbona Gla) Marie-Noel Verger-Fevre -- Implements of Temple Ritual: an Egyptian Amulet. Thomas Kittredge -- The Body as Billboard: Ndebele Beadwork. F.J.L. -- The Ambiguity of Gender: a Loma Mask (Angbai) and Cow-Tail Switch. Christian K. Höjbjerg -- Embodying the Ancestors: a Kota Reliquary Figure {Mbulu-Ngulu) L. M.B. & F.J.L. -- Countering the Evil Eye: an Egyptian Child's Tunic. Anita Jones -- The Bird Is Faraway Meat: a Hausa Hunter's Headdress. Alice R. Burmeister -- Masking, Dancing, Fighting: Celebrating Male Aggression: an Igede/Ogoja Headdress. Sidney Littlefield Kasfir -- Gestures of Healing: a Kongo Fly Whisk Finial {Nsesa) Robert Farris Thompson -- The Illusion of Lightness: a Baga/Nalu Headdress (Banda) Frederick John Lamp -- Steps of Aggression and Peace: a Loma/Kpelle Mask (Kpakologi Sinei) Christian K. Höjbjerg -- Protecting the Body and Spirit: a Luba Neckrest. L.M.B. -- We Will Fight You Day or Night: a Fante Flag (Frankaa) Doran H. Ross -- The Speed and Color of Aggression: a Mossi Mask (Wan-Zega) Christopher Roy -- Dancing the Heat of Life: a Pende Mask. Z.S. Strother -- Movement in a Funerary Procession: a Kuba Mask Ushyeen Imaalu) David Binkley -- The Transformation into Spirit Through a "Constellation of Arts": a Dan Mask (Tanke'Ge) Daniel Reed -- Songs of Insult: a Senufo Headdress (Daagu) Till Forster -- Attracting the Attention of the Spirit: a Yoruba Divination Tapper and Bowl. F.J.L. -- Tasting the Sweetness of My Songs: a Sukuma Figure (Mabinda) Frank Gunderson -- The World Is Fragile. Life Should Not Be Lived with Force: a Yoruba Headdress (Igi Gelede Onijakadi) Babatunde Lawal -- A Reading of a Statement of Power: Nupe Door Panels. F.J.L. -- When It Lies behind You, Take It: Akan Goldweights (Abrammuo) S.E.G. -- Man Is like Palm Wine: a Kuba Cup. L.M.B -- Personal and Social Messages: a Zulu Beaded Panel (Ubheshwana) Carol Boram-Hays -- Dream Animals as a Link to the Spiritual World: a Bwa Mask. Emily Hanna -- The Asye Usu Can Fall on You: a Baule Figure {Asye Usu) L.M.B. -- The Military Unit, the Festival, the Drama: an Ejagham Mask. P. K. -- A Spectacle of Miracles: the Yoruba Forest Spirit Mask (Aroni) Henry John Drewal -- The Many Publics of the Bedu Masquerade: Nafana Male and Female Masks. Karel Arnaut -- Chorus of Visual Praise Offerings: a Yoruba Staff (Ose Shango) Henry John Drewal -- The Aura of Power and Mystery: an Asante Figure (Akua'ba) Herbert M. Cole -- Sculptural Biographies: a Lobi Figure. Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi -- The Spectacle of Lineage and Hierarchy: Two Cameroon Headdresses. Tamara Northern -- Air and Water, the Vertical and Horizontal, Tradition Versus Transition: a Baga Headdress (A-Bil-na-Tshol) Frederick John Lamp -- Where Is My Mate? The Importance of Complementarity: a Bamana Headdress (Ciwara) Stephen R. Wooten -- Ideology of Male and Female Movement: a Kuba Mask (Ngady Mwaash) David A. Binkley -- Transcendent Womanhood and the Scavenger: a Mende Mask {Ncloli Jowei) Frederick John Lamp -- Orienting the Body: Egyptian Viscera Jars. Thomas Kittredge -- Seeing between Worlds: a Moba Figure. Christine Mullen Kreamer -- Spaces of Inclusion and Exclusion: an Ibibio/Annang Mask. Jill Salmons -- You Are the Center, You Are the Village: a Pende Rooftop Figure (Kishikishi) L.M.B. -- It Is the East that Has Power: Sapi Stone and Wood Figures. Frederick John Lamp -- Alienating the Living from the Dead: a Senufo Mask (Ponyugu) Till Forster -- I This Opportunity to Dance: Kuba Textiles. L.M.B. -- The Fleeting Flamboyance of the Warrior: Maasai Ornamentation. L.M.B. -- Marking Passage in Momentary Appearances: a Yao Mask. La. Seller Inventory # 1021469

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