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About this Item: paperback. Condition: Good. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Paperback. Pub Date: Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) Publisher: Liangken Tang package old and fidelity! B464. the only existing copies. the the Qing Qianlong calligraphy everyone Liang Kentang handwriting this: the Jing Yuan Miscellany Landscape Poetry books ports woodcut the Jing Yuan Miscellany * Church collection epigraphy calligraphy printed. Chongning first year. recorded a Mi Fu * Church collection of stone paintings printed ****************************** ************* engraved Reference: the ************************* Liang Kentang 1734 -? . Qiantang (Hangzhou. Zhejiang). The word ditch Pavilion. constitutive kiosks. No. Spring Cong. and No. stone buildings. Jing Yuan. No. spring Cong kiosk owners. The Qianlong Rat Sunchon lifts. the official Board of Punishments Book. Zhili Governor. Able to rule India. Surviving stone buildings lay Yin is issued. The ******************************** Liangken Tang Liang Kentang birth and death years :1717-1801 Birthplace: Zhejiang Qiantang (now Hangzhou) Introduction: Liangken Tang. word constitutive Pavilion. No. spring Cong. the word stone buildings. the night of incense. Liang Kentang childhood was poor. study hard. 21-year-old to complement Dr. disciple member. The following year. in the vice list. In order to maintain a livelihood. between Wu and Chu between to do ShuShi. 37-year-old to go to Kyoto. Qianlong 20 years (1756). held in disabilities Soonchunhyang complement Zhili Luan Cheng County magistrate. quite achievements. Governor Yang Tingzhang its elite Voice Jiuda Tiancong can Lenient and recommend it or know the state of Suzhou. calendar deep state Zhili know the state. Baoding House prefect pull Qinghe Road. recommended liter Shandong provincial judge Zhili provincial judge. The Qianlong fifty years turn zhili administrative commissioner. Fifty four liters of Henan governor. the Zhili Governor granted in fifty-six years. Jiaqing years (1798) l Punishments Book 7. taken it for granted complement granted water transport Governor. Vietnam three years membership for granted back to the original product. Owned by seven days and death of a prince. Of stone buildings lay Yin artwork. * JiaQing 2007 (1802) Liangken Tang stone buildings of Lay Yin issued on Valuation: 2.000 to 3.000 transaction price: 10.450 years: JiaQing seven (1802) Specifications: - Pre-Show Time: - Category: Lettering Location: preview - Auction Time :2006-06-27 Auction Location: the Auction Session of the Friendship Hall on the third floor of the Shanghai Exhibition Center (Shanghai Nanjing West Road. No. 1333): Rare Book Auction: 2006 Spring large art auction auction house: on Hai Jiatai Auction Co. Ltd. * ID: 405 Lot: stone buildings the Lay Yin issued on reference price :30000.00 - 35.000.00 Starting price: - Sold Price: 34.500.00 Auction Company: the Beijing Taihe Kerry into Auction Co. Ltd. Auction: 2012 the Taihe Ka-shing Spring Auction --- the ancient literature shooting time: May 26. 2012 Description: era: JiaQing seven Kanben letter volumes: wire-bound a paper: paper size: 28.8 * 17.5 seal of the artist: one seal: Shanghai Book collections in mind that wood Yan Zhai Yan Tse Jane Chih mind. return the Shanghai Library book chapter. Junonia Xiaoyan. hastily Pavilion possession Summary: This is a monarch collection the. The Junonia inscription: This album bought in of Wu under literary Sanbanggulsa Department Renhe Leung for the. Church set and I collection the South vanilla Kanke similar class. but in the middle of Qianlong. this is published in the Jiaqing early $ font is slightly different. not like Kai heart set finishing men. Qing Ye Wulin engraved book of this kind the Song Poem Notepad. the East latent presentation. this are the hands of lianggong. it On an annual fixed Qing carved origins are changed. this may also participate in the certificate also. March 21. Yi Wei Yan Tse Kee. Junonia Postsc. Seller Inventory # EH058331

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