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  • Hargreaves, Reginald M.C., Major

    Published by A Mentor Book - The New American Library of Canada Limited, Toronto, 1967

    Seller: Past Pages, Oshawa, Canada

    Seller Rating: 5-star rating

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    First Edition

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    Mass Market Paperback. Condition: Poor. First Edition 1st Printing. Repaired; Moderate Creasing on Front, Rear Covers, Spine; Front, Rear Covers, Spine Moderately Chipped; Spine Slightly Cocked; Edges Moderately Soiled; Moderate Yellowing Due to Age. A lively survey - social and political - of the development of an empire, based upon historical and military accounts of the time. SUB-TITLE: A History of Early Rome. BOOK NUMBER: MQ686. CONTENTS: Introduction; Prologue: A Pride of Empires; Part I: Portend in the West; I. The Fledgling State; II. Growing Pains; III. Expansion and Its Consequences; Part II: Arma Virumque Cano; IV. Servants of the Eagles; V. Aftermath of Victory; VI. A House Divided; VII. Creation of a Precedent; VIII. The Rise of Pompey; IX. Progress of a Popular Idol; X. The Crucible of Power; XI. "The Die Is Cast"; XII. Victory at Pharsalus; Epilogue: Pax Romana; Bibliography; Index. SYNOPSIS: CAESAR TO ROMULUS This is a dynamic history of Rome from the time of its emergence as a tribal community which dominated a sector of the Italian peninsula, to the day when the fate of an empire was decided at Pharsalus in a bitter conflict between Gaius Julius Caesar and his son-in-law Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey the Great). Major Hargreaves makes skillful use of the accounts of early Roman historians to reconstruct the foreign battles, the civil strife, the political intrigues and personal rivalries that went into the making of the Roman Empire. Here is a lively interpretation of ancient chronicles, and a rare view of early Rome, by a renowned expert in military history. Major Reginald Hargreaves, M. C., the noted military historian, is the author of Onlooker at War, Red Sun Rising: The Siege of Port Arthur, and The Enemy at the Gates. - and - The Romans created an unparalleled empire that bestowed upon the civilized world two hundred years of orderly rule and peace. Who were these people and what were the events that cast them in their unique historical role? A distinguished British scholar answers these questions through a close examination of ancient commentaries and chronicles. Major Hargreaves begins with an intriguing interpretation of myth and fact as he describes the founding of Rome, the rule of Romulus, the rape of the Sabines. He explores the expanding powers of Rome - its military campaigns, its political and social structure - as he recounts the land reforms of the Gracchi, the rise of Caesar, the surrender of Vercingetorix. His provocative narrative ends with the defeat of a rebellious Roman general at Pharsalus - perhaps the most decisive battle in history, since it was to lead to the establishment of Pax Romana. Size: 12mo - over 6" - 7" tall.