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About this Item: paperback. Condition: New. Paperback. Pub Date: 2011 Jun Pages: 288 Language: Chinese Publisher: Electronic Industry Press NI Multisim circuit design and analysis of computer simulation (Revised Edition) NI Multisim simulation software based. analog. digital different characteristics and working principle. high frequency and power electronic circuits. and microcontroller applications circuit. focuses on the basic method of computer simulation to design of electronic circuits. The book is divided into 13 chapters. inclu. Seller Inventory # CC008615

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About this Item: paperback. Condition: New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pages Number: 276 Publisher: Electronic Industry Pub. Date :2011-06-01 version 1. NI Multisim based electronic circuit design and analysis of computer simulation (Revised Edition) (author Huang Zhiwei) to NI Multisim simulation software based on According to analog. digital. high-frequency and power electronic circuits. and microcontroller applications. the different characteristics of the circuit and working principle focuses on electronic circuit design of the basic method of computer simulation. The book is divided into 13 chapters. including: NI Multisim simulation software. the basic methods of operation. the transistor amplifier circuit. operational amplifier integrated circuit applications. the waveform generator circuit. waveform conversion circuit. analog multiplier application circuits. integrated circuit timer application. the door circuits. sequential logic application circuit. AD and DA conversion circuit. power circuit. integrated application circuit. microcontroller application circuit design method of computer simulation. All circuits through simulation. each chapter is accompanied by thought questions and exercises. Based on the electronic NI Multisim circuit design and analysis of computer simulation (Revised Edition) rich in content and practical. detailed narrative clear. easy learning. engineering and strong. as institutions of higher learning. electronic information. communication engineering. automation. electrical control class professional basic materials. and the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest training materials. also available as electronic engineering and technical personnel of the reference circuit design. Contents: Chapter 1 NI Multisim simulation software 1.1NI Multisim simulation software Introduction to the basic interface 1.2.1Multisim 1.2Multisim the main window menu bar 1.2.3Multisim 1.2.2Multisim toolbar 1.2.4Multisim 1.2.5Multisim instrumentation components libraries library 1.3 Multisim basic operation 1.3.1 file (File) basic operation 1.3.2 edit (Edit) 1.3.3 Creating the basic operation of sub-circuits (Place New Subcircuit) 1.3.4 enter text in the circuit area (Place Text) 1.3.5 Enter a comment (Place Comment) 1.3.6 Editing drawing title (Place Title Block) 1.4 to create the basis for the circuit components of the operation 1.4.1 1.4.2 1.4.3 wire circuit options to set the operation 1.4 .4 1.5 inputs and outputs use of instruments 1.5.1 1.5.2 the basic operation of instruments digital multimeter (Multimeter) 1.5.3 Function Generator (Function Generator) 1.5.4 wattmeter (Wattmeter) 1.5.5 oscilloscope (Oscilloscope) 1.5.6 Bode analyzer (Bode Plotter) 1.5.7 the word signal generator (Word Generator) 1.5.8 Logic Analyzer (Logic Analyzer) 1.5.9 logic conversion device (Logic Converter) 1.5.10 Distortion instrument (Distortion Analyzer) 1.5.11 spectrum analyzer (Spectrum Analyzer) 1.5.12 Network Analyzer (Network Analyzer) 1.5.13IV (current voltage) Analyzer 1.5.14 measuring probe voltage and current probes 1.5.15 Table 1.5 .16 1.6 meter circuit analysis method 1.6.1Multisim analysis menu 1.6.2 DC operating point analysis (DC Operating Point Analysis) 1.6.3 AC analysis (AC Analysis) 1.6.4 Transient Analysis (Transient Analysis) 1.6.5 Fourier Leaf analysis (Fourier Analysis) 1.6.6 Noise Analysis (Noise Analysis) 1.6.7 Noise Figure Analyzer (Noise Figure Analysis) 1.6.8 Distortion (Distortion Analysis) 1.6.9 DC Sweep Analysis (DC Sweep Analysis) 1.6.10 Sensitivity Analysis (Sensitivity Analysis) 1.6.11 Parameter Sweep analysis (Parameter Sweep Analysis) 1.6.12 temperature scanning analysis (Temperature Sweep Analysis) 1.6.13 pole-zero analysis (Pole Zero Analysis) 1.6.14 transfer function analysis (Transfer Function Analysis) 1.6.15 worst case analysis (Worst Case Analysis) 1.6.16 Monte Carlo analysis (Monte Carlo Analysis) 1.6.17 conductor width analysis (Trace Width Analys. Seller Inventory # LJ1683

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