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ISBN 10: 7513401608 ISBN 13: 9787513401609


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From: liu xing (JiangSu, JS, China)

Seller Rating: 5-star rating

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About this Item: paperback. Condition: New. Ship out in 2 business day, And Fast shipping, Free Tracking number will be provided after the shipment.Pub Date :2011-11 Publisher: Forbidden City 0.55 Description Collection of Chinese jade Complete Works of folk the Neolithic compilation: Qijia Culture (Volume 3): history of jade is of jade mined and used history. far more than China The nation's 5.000-year history of civilization. Breakdown of many fine art in China. can exceed accompanied by Chinese civilization to witness the evolution of the Chinese nation. the course of development. neither paintings. bronzes. ceramics. nor other fine art. but time elderly witness - jade. Jade in Chinese history for a long time to occupy a very important position. which is Western culture no or rare. We have the necessary jade as an entry point to combine the study of the archeology research of traditional Chinese culture and spiritual civilization. This is the famous ceremony will sociologist Fei Xiaotong research jade concluded. In Chinese history. the most of the many fine art is a product of human development to a certain stage. for example. the bronzes in the Xia. Shang and Zhou paper paintings appear after the invention of papermaking. sculpture. porcelain Sancai unique foot Tang Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty trend After the Song Dynasty in the mature before it reaches the peak. the only jade this kind mainline to visually interpret the historical process of the Chinese nation. View All catalog jade ax ax jade ax. tongue-shaped. jade. jade. jade ax jade ax. Yu Yue Yue Yu Yue. Yu Yue Yue jade. jade Xianwen Xianwen Yue jade carved symbol sun and the moon cicada patterns Yue Yu Ren Wen Yue Yu Ren Wen Yue Yu Fei edges ax jade within the origin of Convex Fei edge ax the jade tiger stripes Yue the Jade Bird Yue jade bird-shaped ax knife three-hole. the ax Tamahoko the Tamahoko Tamahoko jade. turquoise. jade inlay jade the three holes knife jade three holes knife jade the three holes knife jade three holes five-hole the knife jade beast three holes of the first three holes of the fish-shaped three-hole knife of knives jade jade fish-shaped knife jade five-hole knife jade five-hole knife jade dragon five-hole knife jade the deer-pattern five-hole knife jade animals and birds pattern five-hole knife jade zoomorphic The carved character of the five-hole of the first five holes of the knife jade beast knife jade inlay turquoise knife jade seven holes knife carved jade character Beas seven-hole total body knife jade carved character Pisces total body seven holes knife jade inlay turquoise textured seven holes knife Yu Fei edges knives jade the humanoid knives jade zoomorphic knife jade jade zoomorphic zoomorphic knife knife Jade Bird spear seven holes Jade Bird-chang jade inlay turquoise Zhang jade inlay turquoise turquoise Fei. Zhang jade inlay edge Zhang jade inlay turquoise Xianwen Fei edges Zhang Yu chord the pattern heart.everything edge Zhang Yu Xian Wen Fei edge Chang. Yu Fei edges. edge Chang. Yu Fei Zhang Yu Cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong jade cong Cong jade. jade cong jade Xianwen God God Bird Cong jade sheep first pattern Cong Yu the frog pattern Cong Bi Bi jade jade. carved engraved symbol character people pattern jade streaks jade human pattern jade. human pattern jade pattern jade. one pattern bi . View AllFour Satisfaction guaranteed,or money back. Seller Inventory # FP016126

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