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Taylor, Henry Osborn:

Published by Cambridge: Harvard University Press, (1962)


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From Germany to U.S.A.

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About this Item: Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1962. Originalleinen. Condition: Sehr gut. Fourth edition.. VIII, 620 S.; Einband leicht berieben. - Genesis of the Mediaeval Genius -- The Latinizing of the West -- Greek Philosophy as the Antecedent of the Patristic Apprehension of Fact -- Intellectual Interests of the Latin Fathers -- Latin Transmitters of Antique and Patristic Thought -- The Barbaric Disruption of the Empire -- The Celtic Strain in Gaul and Ireland -- Teuton Qualities: Anglo-Saxon, German, Norse -- The Bringing of Christianity and Antique Knowledge to the Northern Peoples -- Irish Activities ; Columbanus of Luxeuil -- Conversion of the English ; the learning of Bede and Alfred. Gaul and Germany ; from Clovis to St. Winifried Boniface -- Carolingian Period : the First Stage in the Appropriation of the Patristic and Antique -- From Charlemagne to Hildebrand. -- The Human Situation, The Italian Continuity of Antique Culture. Italy's Intellectual Piety : Peter Damiani and St Anselm -- France: Gerbert, Odilo of Cluny, Fulbert and the School of Chartres ; Trivium and Quadrivium. Berengar of Tours, Roscellin and the coming time -- German Appropriation of Christianity and Antique Culture. Othloh's Spiritual Conflict -- The Crusades. Towns and Guilds -- The Growth of Mediaeval Emotion -- The Reforms of Monasticism -- Mediaeval Extremes ; Benedict of Aniane ; Cluny; Citeaux's Charta Charitatis ; the vita contemplativa accepts the vita activa -- The Hermit Temper: Peter Damiani ; Romuald ; Dominicus Loricatus ; Bruno and Guigo, Carthusians -- The Quality of Love in St. Bernard -- St. Francis of Assisi -- Mystic Visions of Ascetic Women: Elizabeth of Schönau ; Hildegard of Bingen ; Mary of Ognies ; Liutgard of Tongern ; Mechthild of Magdeburg -- The Spotted Actuality: The Testimony of Invective and Satire; Archbishop Rigaud's Register ; Engelbert of Cologne ; Popular Credences -- The World of Salimbene -- Feudal and Christian Origin of Knightly Virtue ; the Order of the Temple ; Godfrey of Bouillon ; St. Louis ; Froissart's Chronicles -- Romantic Chivalry and Courtly Luve: From Roland to Tristan and Lancelot -- The Rationale of the Visible World: Hugo of St. Victor -- Cathedral and Mass : Hymn and Imaginative Poem: Guilelmus Durandus and Vincent of Beauvais. The Hymns of Adam of St. Victor and the Anticlaudianus of Alanus of Lille -- The Spell of the Classics: The Effect upon the Mediaeval Man ; Hildebert of Lavardin -- Evolution of Mediaeval Latin Prose -- Evolution of Mediaeval Latin Verse -- The Fontes Juris Civilis. Roman and Barbarian CodificP"tion. The Mediaeval Appropriation. Church Law. Political Theorizing -- Scholasticism : Spirit, Scope, and Method -- Philosophic Classification of the Sciences ; the Arrangement of Vincent's Encyclopaedia, of the Lombard's Sentences, of Aquinas's Summa theo-loriae -- The Problem of Universals : Abaelard -- The Mystic Strain : Hugo and Bernard -- The Later Decades : Bernard Silvestris ; Gilbert de -- la Porree ; William of Conches ; John of Salisbury, and Alanus of Lille -- The Universities, Aristotle, and the Mendicants -- Bonaventura -- Albertus Magnus -- Thomas Aquinas -- Roger Bacon -- Duns Scotus and Occam -- The Mediaeval Synthesis: Dante. Wir versenden am Tag der Bestellung von Montag bis Freitag. Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 1550. Seller Inventory # 963669

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