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About this Item: Ohne Ort (Amsterdam?), ohne Drucker, 1698., 1698. Condition: 0. Vermutlich zweite Ausgabe dieser kuriosen Schrift gegen die Unkeuschheit. - Titelblatt m. kl. Eckabriß (ohne Textberührung). Min. gebräunt. Am Ende sind zwei weiße Blätter angebunden, davon ist das erste von alter Hand beiseitig beschrieben. - Brunet I, 837; vgl. Wing B 2116 (EA London, 1697). ge Gewicht in Gramm: 350 Kl.-8°. Mit einigen Holzschn.-Vignetten u. -Initialen. 106 S., Mod. marmor. Ppbd. Seller Inventory # 48550

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About this Item: Brunet I, 837 - vgl. Wing B 2116 (E.A. London 1697).- Tls. gebräunt u. fleckig, von d. angeb. Bll. 9Bll. beschrieben, dekorativ gebunden. Seller Inventory # B10055

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About this Item: Edition Nova & ab Autore correcta. Juxta Exemplar Londinense. 1698. In-12 (97 x 136mm), 109 pages. Reliure hollandaise de l'époque. Qq. annotations anciennes marginales. Tache brun clair sur le dernier plat, tout petits défauts à la reliure, bon état intérieur. Seller Inventory # 94234

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About this Item: 'Juxta Exemplar Londinense' (=Nederland?), 1698. Kl-8vo. 109 pp.(+ 3 blanco) Halfleer (band iets besch.en gesleten; binnenwerk hier en daar wat vergeeld). Halfcalf, sides rubbed and slightly damaged, paper occasionaly yellowed, pastedowns and flyleaves spotted) De bekende libertijn Adriaan Beverland (Middelburg 1651-Engeland na 1712) werd verbannen uit Zeeland en Holland en later uit Utrecht. Hij kwam tot inkeer (?) en reisde naar Engeland, waar hij tijdelijk secretaris van Isaac Vossius was. Dit werk ondertekende hij als volgt: "Supplex orabat in arce Vindesoriensi (= Windsor Castle), Anno 1693."). "Beverland veinst hier een totale ommekeer; hij beweert van zichzelf dat hij de aangewezen persoon is om de jeugd op het rechte pad te brengen (o ironie!), hij kent immers de dwaallichten van de lust." - Smet, Hadrianus Beverlandus, p.57. Dit is de derde druk (2 eerdere drukken verschenen in 1697 te Londen bij Christoph Bateman.) - Third edition of this mock repentance by one of Hollands most famous libertines. Seller Inventory # 119568

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Published by [Amsterdam] N.P. 1698 (1698)


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From: Voewood Rare Books (Holt, United Kingdom)

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About this Item: [Amsterdam] N.P. 1698, 1698. Second revised edition. 8vo. pp 109, [1]. Contemporary vellum with some marking. This is Beverland's somewhat disingenuous recantation of his former libertine blasphemous views; or "how to avoid fornication and learn to live purely and chastely". Seller Inventory # 2819

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BEVERLAND, Hadrian [ Beverlandi, Hadriani ( Adriaan ) ] .

Published by 1679, 1680, & 1698 (1679)

First Edition

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From: Weiser Antiquarian Books, Inc. (Cape Neddick, ME, U.S.A.)

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About this Item: 1679, 1680, & 1698, 1679. First & Second Editions. Three volumes bound in one. Hardcover. Attractive contemporary ivory vellum binding, with gilt-stamped leather title label to spine. The books are:(1) "De Peccato Originali . sic Nuncupato, Dissertatio. Psalmographus Ps. LVIII. commate IV. .", [Lugduni Batavorum] : Ex typographeio [Danielis à Gaesbeeck] 1679, (xx), 157 [i.e. 167], (xi) Signatures: A-N8, Page nos. 147-156 repeated in numbering (as always). The fourth and fifth words of title proper are transliterated from Greek characters. Engraved device on title page.(2) "Justinianaei de Stolatae Virginitatis jure, Lucubratio Academica," Lugduni in Batavis: Typis J. Lindani, 1680 223 (v) pp. Signatures: A-P8, Engraved device on title page.(3) "De Fornicatione Cavenda Admonito. Sive Adhortatio ad Pudicitiam et Castitatem. Editio Nova & ab Autore correcta. Juxta Exemplar Londinense." [Amsterdam?], 1698 (Second Edition, Revised). 109 (iii) pp. Signatures: A-G8, Engraved device on title page.Texts in Latin. Hadrian Beverland (c.1650-1712), was a Dutch philosopher, collector of erotica, and classical scholar of unusual bent (E.J. Dingwall described him as "one of the oddest scholars who ever added glosses to a classical text") who had a passion for the works of Petronius, Martial, Catullus and other of the less inhibited ancient authors. He is said to have begun work on his first book, "De Stolatae Virginitatis" when he was only 20 (although he did not attempt to publish it until about his thirtieth year) and to have been working on the manuscript of his great study of sex, prostitution and brothels in the ancient world, "De Prostibulis Vetereum," throughout his late twenties. In 1678 Beverland reworked and expanded a chapter of the manuscript and published it anonymously under the title "Peccatum Originale" in Leiden. In this work Beverland argued, like Spinoza, that the Bible should be taken as allegory, and posited (in agreement with Agrippa and Robert Fludd), that the story of the Fall was actually about the discovery of sex by Adam and Eve. Original sin was in fact the human sex instinct. In what could be seen as a surprisingly modern outlook, Beverland argued that the urge for sexual pleasure was a universal human trait, found in all men and women, and that it's expression in any form was legitimate. He supported his proposition with a great number of quotations from Biblical and classical authors, many of whom were highly immodest and wrote openly about taboo subjects such as masturbation and what were then perceived as other "sexual abnormalities." Apparently dissatisfied with some aspect of the first edition of the book, Beverland published a second edition with his name boldly above the titel, "De Peccato Originalit." This is the first of the three books contained in the volume here described. A complaint was made against the book, and Beverland was imprisoned and tried before an academic tribunal. The work was said to be "abominable and scandalous" and "an abortion from depraved brains," and its author was banished for life from Holland and West Friesland. Copies of the work were publicly burned, and the author was driven from the Leiden, the Hague, and Utrecht. In 1680 Beverland published his "Justinianaei de Stolatae Virginitatis Jure, Lucubratio Academica," ("The Law Concerning Draped Virginity: An Academical Study"). This is the second book in the present volume. It is, to put it mildly, an uninhibited study, again drawing from classical studies, of virginity, its loss, the value placed upon it, seduction, female sexuality in general, etc. etc. It has gone on to be considered as a classic of erotic literature, as evidenced by an inclusion of an English translation of it "for private circulation amongst students of philology and anthropology and adult collectors of literary curiosities only" by the famous Paris based English language publisher of erotic, Charles Carrington, in 1905. The third book in the volume is Beverland's "Fornicatione Cavenda." In this work Beve. Seller Inventory # 38723

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