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B N Sahu

Published by Today and Tomorrows, New Delhi (1983)


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From: Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd (New Delhi, India)

Seller Rating: 4-star rating

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About this Item: Today and Tomorrows, New Delhi, 1983. Hardbound. Condition: As New. New. Contents Foreword. Preface. I. Pharmacognosy 1. Variation in Alkaloid content. 2. The pharmacognosy of Rauvolfia roots. 3. Alkaloids from Rauvolfia species. 4. Synonyms of Rauvolfia alkaloids. II. Biogenesis of Rauvolfia Alkaloids 5. Biogenesis of Rauvolfia alkaloids. III. Extraction purification and structure elucidation of Rauvolfia alkaloids 6. Extraction of Rauvolfia alkaloids. 7. Estimation of reserpine in pharmaceutical products. 8. Purification of Rauvolfia alkaloids. 9. Identification structure elucidation and stereochemistry of Rauvolfia alkaloids. 10. Classification of Rauvolfia Alkaloids. IV. Chemistry of Rauvolfia alkaloids 11. Chemistry of Rauvolfia alkaloids. V. Chemistry of reserpine group 12. Plant sources isolation and properties of reserpine group alkaloids. 13. Structure elucidation and chemistry of reserpine group. 14. Modification of reserpine skeleton. 15. Synthetic preparation of reserpine. 16. Crude Rauvolfia extracts. 17. Reserpine cogeners. 18. Reserpine analogs. VI. Pharmacology of Rauvolfia Alkaloids. 19. Pharmacology of Rauvolfia Alkaloids. 20. Pharmacodynamics of reserpine. 21. Metabolism excretion and mode of action of reserpine serpentine and rescinnamine. 22. Therapeutic and bio assay of Rauvolfia preparation. 23. Rauvolfia preparations. 24. The drug of commerce. 25. Side effect of Rauvolfia drugs. 26. Rauvolfia Serpentina Benth in Ayurvedic Unani and home medicine. Author index. Subject index. Primitive man sought out and put an extraordinary value on plants that had sundry psychic effect. He concluded also that psychoactive plants were the abode of divinities or supernatural forces. Such plant species are Rauvolfia Serpentina and Rauvolfia conescens of India Rauvolfia Vomitoria of Africa and Rauvolfia heterophylla of Central South Africa Mexico and West Indies. Present knowledge of the chemistry of the so called divinity containing plants indicates the presence of more than thirty two alkaloids some flavonoid compounds terpene sterols and sugars. The various character of these natural products and their assemblage pose fundamental questions to the scientists. All accomplishments achieved in respect of the plant have been well exemplified in this volume. The subject matter of the volume has been divided into six parts. Part I deals with Pharmacognosy of Rauvolfia roots necessary for detection of adulteration. Part II deals with Biogenesis of Rauvolfia alkaloids. Part III relates to extraction isolation and identification of alkaloids and determination of reserpine content in tablets Elixir triturations and separation and purification structure elucidation and stereo chemistry of Rauvolfia alkaloids flavonoid compounds terpenes and sterols. Part IV deals with chemistry of Rauvolfia alkaloids. The alkaloids have been classified on the biogenesis basis. Plant sources extraction properties and structure elucidation of each alkaloid has been indicated. Part V deals with the chemistry of reserpine group. Plant sources structure absolute configuration synthetic preparation of reserpine reserpine cogenors and reserpine analogs have been discussed in detail. Part VI relates to pharmacology of Rauvolfia alkaloids. Sources of drugs (Pharmacognosy) their action and fate in animal and human system (Pharmacodynamics) their use in treatment of disorders (Therapeutics) and their poisonous effect (toxicology) Chemotherapy of drugs and doses of medicine (Posology of Rauvolfia preparations have been indicated in brief. A large number of selected references are listed at the end of each chapter to support descriptions and to direct interested workers towards wide reading and to pursue selectively those of greatest value. Illustrations form an important part of a Book in organic chemistry A combination of adequacy and balance of illustrative materials has been the goal. Attempt has been made to deal with Rauvolfia alkaloids within the cover of a single volume like that of Vinca Alkaloids Catharanthus alkaloids and. Seller Inventory # 56736

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