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(Victoria, BC 1 October 2008), the world’s largest online marketplace for new and used books, has introduced an innovative podcast player that offers a daily round-up of book-related podcasts.

‘Shelfsound’ streams the best literary podcasts from around the world into the player and makes them easily available to AbeBooks’ visitors. Literary podcasts from the New York Times book section, The Guardian newspaper in the UK, major publishers, NPR including the book reviews from librarian Nancy Pearl and other sources are available through the player.

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Shelfsound is a customized podcast player that has been built especially for AbeBooks by a company called, who is located in Victoria, BC, Canada, where AbeBooks is also headquartered. AbeBooks intends to also experiment further with the medium by recording its own podcasts and placing them on to the player.

The player automatically checks for newly-released podcasts from podcasters selected by AbeBooks and then feeds them into the player. Fresh podcasts are available each day.

The user can click on the podcast links, cue them up (which lifts them into the one of the top three spots for playing) and then hit the 'play now' button to hear the podcast. They can also use the icons above the main screen to tell AbeBooks if they like or don’t like the podcast, tell a friend about a particular podcast or download a podcast onto their computer to play later.


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