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The sheer joy of book collecting can be extended beyond the physical books themselves. Who doesn't have a treasured bookmark, a keepsake playbill, a precious signed photograph, ticket stub or poster? These treasured pieces of memorabilia are called ephemera, and they can be as collectible as books themselves, and sometimes more so.

In a time when the world of media is becoming increasingly digital, these tokens of memory from special events, admired authors, and beloved books are becoming more and more scarce, and as a result, more precious and collectible.

From original drawings and autographed photographs to unforgettable movie posters and more, we've scoured AbeBooks and found some of the most unusual and special pieces of ephemera for sale.

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2009 Booker Prize longlist Learn More


American Gods
by Neil Gaiman

4 star Reviewed by Josiah

What happens to a people's historic beliefs as they migrate to a new land that already has its own melting pot form of devotion? This is the premise behind Neil Gaiman's epic tale of old vs. new deities in his novel. Read the whole review

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Top 20 Literary Top-10 Lists

Everyone loves a top 10 list, and we at AbeBooks are no exception. From top 10 egg books to the top 10 books that make us hungry, check out our list of 20 top-10 literary lists.

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Still Puzzling after 30 Years

Thirty years on and the clues for a real-life treasure hunt hidden in Kit Williams' Masquerade are as puzzling as they ever were. The treasure was claimed decades ago, but the intrigue lingers on.

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The Private Life of J.D. Salinger

J.D. Salinger wrote one of the most popular, influential novels of the 20th century. Angsty young adults everywhere carried tattered copies in their back pockets and identified with Holden Caulfield. Now Salinger just wants to be left alone.

More about Salinger
Signed Bestsellers in July
  1. Angela's Ashes
    Frank McCourt
  2. Tis: A Memoir
    Frank McCourt
  3. The Angel's Game
    Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  4. Magnificent Desolation
    Buzz Aldrin
  5. A Reporter's Life
    Walter Cronkite
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Most Expensive Books Sold in July
  1. Libellus ysagogicus Abdilasi Id est servi gloriosi dei: qui dicitur Alchabitius ad magisterium iuditiorum astrorum
    Alchabitius - $12,500
  2. The Origin of Species
    Charles Darwin - $11,000
  3. Hieronymi Cardani Mediolanensis Medici De Rerum Varietate Libri XVII
    Gerolamo Cardano - $7,017
  4. A Touch of Frost, Frost at Christmas, Night Frost, Hard Frost and Winter Frost
    R.D. Wingfield - $5,609
  5. Du Côte De Chez Swann
    Marcel Proust - $5,000
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"I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." - JORGE LUIS BORGES
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