The Avid Reader February 2007

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We're delighted to announce our new Science Fiction and Fantasy rooms; and the impending Academy Awards have inspired us to feature collectible film scripts and the books that became this year's best flicks. You'll also find interviews, contests and more!

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  • The Priciest Sci-Fi Sold
  • Collectible Film Scripts
  • Black History Month
  • John Scalzi Interview
  • Youth Writing Contest
  • Harry Potter Poll
  • Explore Our New Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Rooms

    In New Books

    The Oscars: The Books Behind the Movies

    Many of this year's great movies were inspired by exceptional books. The Pursuit of Happyness recounts Chris Gardner's determined, dramatic ascent from terrible poverty to incredible wealth - a struggle fuelled by steadfast devotion to his son.
    New From Only $8.48
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    | New | Signed | 1st Edition | Oscar Books
    The 2007 Edgar Allan Poe Awards

    The Edgars honor the most accomplished efforts in the mysterious and macabre. Mysteries nominated this year include The Virgin of Small Plains, in which the discovery of a very beautiful, very frozen teenage girl during a blizzard changes a small town forever.

    New From Only $5.95
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    | New | Signed | 1st Edition | The Nominees

    In Rare and Collectible Books

    Film Scripts and Screenplays

    For those with a passion for film and an appreciation for the thrill of owning a piece of history collecting film scripts can be vastly rewarding. Read on to learn what makes a script valuable (or not...)

    Rare Book Room | More on Collecting Screenplays

    The Priciest Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books Sold

    With brand new Science Fiction and Fantasy rooms, we couldn't resist creating a list of the 10 most expensive books sold in these genres, on AbeBooks in 2006. Copies of Brave New World made the list twice; why not have a guess at the other titles before clicking through!

    Rare Book Room | The 10 Highest Priced Books

    In Used Books

    Black History Month

    February is Black History Month. African American culture has made immeasurable, invaluable contributions to society. Literary examples include Toni Morrison's Beloved, which the New York Times Book Review recently named the best work of American fiction of the past 25 years.

    Used From $1.00
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    | Signed | 1st Edition | Black History Month
    Author Interview - Matt Haig

    The multi-talented author of The Last Family in England talks about how the Internet has changed the business of being a writer, and reflects on the value of letting go. His work brings a fresh, imaginative perspective to family crisis.

    Used From $1.00
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    | 1st Edition | Read the Interview
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    Book Blogging

    We'll admit it - we love our AbeBooks blog:
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    We also loved interviewing one of the most widely read book bloggers on the net:
    [Meet Book Ninja]

    Author Interview
    John Scalzi

    Award winning author John Scalzi on good books, bad covers, and the joy of building a universe from the atoms up.

    Plus, you can win a collectible copy of his latest book, The Sagan Diary!

    [Read On]

    Potter Poll
    The End is Near...

    Harry has been with us for 10 long years - how will you feel when it's all over?

    [Tell Us!]

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