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The Avid Reader February 2009
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Dogs in Novels, featured article

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» Most expensive sales in January

Literature has long had a love affair with dogs. Whether it's little Toto in L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, or the courageous collie in Lassie Come-Home, authors and audiences are enchanted by the adventures of canines.

We wanted to know what makes dogs such appealing literary subjects, so we asked Dr. Bryan Cummins, an expert on dog books, to shed some light on the subject. Cummins is a professor at McMaster and Trent Universities in Ontario, an avid collector of dog books, an author, and has been selling on AbeBooks since 1999.

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White Fang
Sounder Lassie Come-Home
The Dog and the Novel

In Agatha Christie's Dumb Witness, a dog is thought to be responsible for his owner's death, until a more sinister plot is revealed. In The Dogs of Babel, a man is certain his dog has witnessed his wife's death, and sets about trying to teach the dog to communicate. In The Incredible Journey, two dogs and a Siamese cat become lost and are so devoted to their family that they traverse hills and rocks and mountains and streams, meeting all manner of danger, in order to return to their home.

Dogs inspire us with their loyalty, their love and their enduring faithfulness. AbeBooks has compiled a list of the indispensable dogs of fiction, whether collectible, children's, or contemporary, that everyone can enjoy.

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Interview with Jen Hadfield

TS Eliot Prize winning Nigh-No-PlaceWe caught up with the 30-year-old British-Canadian poet whose recent collection Nigh-No-Place beat out some stiff competition to take the 2008 T.S. Eliot Prize for Poetry.

Learn more about Jen Hadfield

Ten Books About Large Families

Ten Books about Large FamiliesSince Nadya Suleman added octuplets to her existing six children, discussions about large families abound. Read our list of books about large families and how they coped.

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Interview with Alan Bradley

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the PieAlan Bradley, author of the new and much-acclaimed mystery novel The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, talks to us about idealism, writing, and winning Britain's 2007 Crime Writers' Association Debut Dagger Award.

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Signed Bestsellers in January
  1. The Graveyard Book
    Neil Gaiman
  2. The Widows of Eastwick
    John Updike
  3. Beat the Reaper
    Josh Bazell
  4. The Witches of Eastwick
    John Updike
  5. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
    David Wroblewski
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Most Expensive Books Sold in January
    William Hamilton - $13,500
  2. Dreams from my Father
    Barack Obama - $12,500
  3. The Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ
    Eric Gill - $11,000
  4. Wonders of the Invisible World
    Cotton Mather - $9,500
  5. Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St. Agnes, and Other Poems
    John Keats - $8,500
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